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Meet Aquiles! 10 month old stunner! 

The photos do not do this boy justice, at all.  He is just beautiful, as in stunning, and oh so sweet! Smart and big heart there!  Because of his big and getting bigger size and his teenager personality, we would like to place him in a experienced dog savvy home! To ensure fit in your home Aquiles is available for foster-to-adopt as an option!

This guy is strong, muscular big and getting bigger.  Very athletic his foster makes a point of getting him exercised daily.  He loves to play fetch and is really smart!

He is very good with his Fosters nieces and nephews but due to his growing size we would like him placed in a family with no children or children over 10, he lives with gobs of other dogs but has a tendency to dominate smaller dogs and puppies. His foster is working on this and he is getting so much better! He honestly didn’t know he wasn’t suppose to dominate them! Medium to larger dog playmates may work best.

He needs an experienced dog home that is active and committed to getting him formally trained.

Lives with 13 cats and mostly ignores them but sometimes a chase ensues! Both cats and him will start it!

He is smart and really trainable. We are big fans of obedience classes and this guy would thrive with the guidance and direction they provide. He was abandoned by his owners who got him as a puppy and well, he grew!

Aqulies is big hearted and has the potential to be a great family dog as has never been mishandled and has been in the rhythms of his foster home for a while now,

He is a nice size at 55 pounds but still growing — so if you are a large dog lover and active and ready to commit to his training – then you should seriously consider him!

Aquiles is available for adoption or foster to adopt!

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