You can pay your adoption fee here. Select the currency of your choice based on the flags and the donation is pre-set already. For dogs adopted locally, we will execute an adoption contract at the time you take posession of the dog and you can pay your fees then or via PayPal. A complete explanation of fees when the final destination of the dog is the US or Canada follows:

Adoption Fees:

  • Adoptions fees are $250 USD or $300 CAD and in most cases this amount is sufficient to cover all fees.
  • Adoption fees are due at time of approval of adoption along with a signed contract to confirm holding the dog until transport.
  • Should an adopter back out prior to transport, $100 USD or $100 CAD is non-refundable.
  • Should an adopter take possession of a dog and the adoption fails, they need to surrender the dog to BDLP and all adoptions fees are non-refundable.

Transport and Custom Fees:

  • $100 USD of the Adoption Fee is allocated to cover the cargo or in-cabin fees.
  • If transport fees exceed $100 USD, the adopter and BDLP will work together to determine the best arrangement, and the adopter will be responsible for fees exceeding $100 USD.
  • In some cases (primarily Canada) customs may require a value declaration and can require fees. These fees will be the responsibility of the adopter but generally do not exceed $40 CAD.

If you have any questions, please ask the adoption coordinator you are working with or email us at

$250 USD $500 MXN $300 CAD
USD-Donation MXN-Donation CAD-Donation