Be sure to see a little video of April below a a pet therapy dog:

I’m April! Let me tell you about myself . . .

Looking for a sweet little lap dog who wants lots of attention? That’s great! I am a loyal cuddle bug and my name is April! I am a 10 month old dachshund/schnauzer mix, and I love love love being around my human!

Talk about being all dressed up and nowhere to go! I was found wandering the streets of La Paz perfectly groomed and was about to get hit by a car when my foster mom swooped in for the save! Two months of searching, high and low, and sadly no one ever turned up, no one ever claimed me.

My foster says I am beautiful, perfect size, and a perfect companion. Great with other dogs, great on a leash, great in the car!

I am very sweet and very energetic. Part of that’s because I am a puppy but part of that is the schnauzer too, so I am going to need regular walks or dog park type exercise ongoing. I am excellent on a leash and also play great with other dogs. Hey don’t mistake that! I would be totally fine in a household that didn’t have any other dogs, then I can follow you around and give you my undivided attention and you can give me all your undivided attention and loving too! win win!

My foster has a big heart so there are lots of us there taking over her house until we are placed. She just leaves a door open to the yard so we can go in and out as we please and do our business. It’s a bit of an adjustment for us to give a “signal” to go out because really we do not have to do that now, but some patience and attention and this always gets sorted out. She thinks I am really smart and will learn this and much more with the right person, patience, training and guidance. I am a puppy so there is much to learn!

Not a good candidate for a household with cats, they give me a bit of a heart attack. I chase them because I want them to get away from me but when they turn toward me oh man do I panic! I also find loud noises very scary. Cats and loud noises, not for me.

Recently, my foster mom took me with her to a senior center where we have a pet therapy program. At first I was a little scared, especially when I saw my reflection in all those big windows!! Geezzz!!! But I got over that (after giving everyone a laugh) and started interacting with the people there. I just love attention so much that being there where people wanted to pet me and hold me – I thought I was in heaven!! Check out the little video and see for yourself! Then right after that is just a video of me being myself – cute, fun, and lovable!

If you are looking for a small very loyal cuddle bug who just wants to follow their person around all day, lay in your lap or just be close by – I am pretty sure I am looking for you too!

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