I’m Bebe (pronounced “Bay-Bay”)! Let me tell you about myself . . .

How about a happy-go-lucky puppy who considers life a beautiful gift! I am probably a Weimaraner Mix and love playing with other dogs and kids because I am fostered in a vet’s office where I am exposed to them all the time. We are not so sure about cats, yet.

I would love it if I could be part of an active family with a large area to run and play – because I have lots of energy. All my energy is the good kind and I chose to be that way in spite of my history.

As you can probably tell, I have only one eye. I came from a pretty abusive place where I was tied up in the hot sun, left for long periods of time without food or water, and then was beaten severely. That is how I came to lose my eye.

I don’t want you to feel sorry for me, however, because I do not want to be trapped in time back there. I want a family that will love me for the dog I am today and who I can become. I am still a puppy and that means I would respond very well to some obedience schooling. I am very trainable!!

I will probably grow to be a large dog – and so if you are an active family and would like an active dog who will go with you on all of your adventures – that’s me!!!

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