Be sure to see a little video of Chilis below:

Meet Chilis! Do you want to dote on a young small little munchkin?  . .

Chills is Special Needs pup as she has an curved “S” shaped spine that makes her walk wonky – She is really cute and adorable and her spine just adds to her charm!

It does not interfere with her quality of life and playtime and we assure you she is in no pain! Shhh….she has no idea, none, that her spine just isn’t like everyone else’s, as she can still be pretty playful and she lives with lots of other dogs.

Chilis starts out a little shy of strangers, she’s been through a lot, but when she gets to know you then she solicits attention from you and wants to play!  She is very attached to her foster mom and also is also comfortable with other familiar people that come and go in her home.

Because she’s so little, she’s vulnerable, and she could easily be injured by small children, bigger dogs, or dogs with no manners – so you need to be careful that things don’t get rough.  A household with no children or children over 8 is preferred. She would be fine in a house with no dogs or other well mannered dogs.

Stairs are too much for this little girl, at 7 pounds she weighs the amount of an average purse! She only sits in your lap for a minute and then wants to get down.  Best guess is this is because her spine makes her particular about how she lays and is carried.

She would make a perfect apartment dog or for household where stairs to be carried up and down are minimal. We expect her to be timid at first and then settle into her new home when exposed to warm hearts, patience and trust!

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