Meet Concha! A stunning and lovely home body, super chill, big hearted shepherd mix! 

Concha, (Conchita or shell) is a beautiful brown/black 2 year old Shepherd mix who her foster describes as the perfect dog! Anyone who wants a grateful and faithful companion is in for a real treat with Concha. She loves to go on walks and hikes, but is equally happy taking life easy, being petted and lying in her bed by your side. She can easily fit into any family, and loves children, dogs, and even cats now that she has realized they will not harm her!

Concha is a bit of homebody and does not need a particularly active family. While she does like to go on walks and hikes, she also excels at being super chill, laying down at the side of people she trusts. She is calm around the other dogs in her foster family, but always wants to go everywhere the other dogs go and loves their company. She has good recall and is great on and off leash.

Concha has overcome many of her trust issues and is completely loyal and devoted to her foster family. She remains nervous of sticks, brooms and other things in hand, but has gained so much confidence now that she is safe and knows she can trust her people.

She was found in a parking lot after having been hit by a car, and had a broken leg that required surgery. Rescuers, vets and a loving foster family have nurtured and cared for this lovely dog and she is now doing remarkably well. The surgery required removing the ball of her femur and this was preferred to removal of her entire leg.  She has healed and is using her leg normally! She walks, and stands and even runs!

Concha is spayed, has had her shots and all the necessary treatment to return her to good health. Digital X-rays of her leg are available for evaluation by adoptive family’s vet. All the heavy lifting has been done for this beautiful 3 year old dog to be ready to find her forever home. If you are interested in adopting Concha, and once and for all providing her the life she deserves, we encourage you to apply!

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