Be sure to see a little video of Dexter below:

Meet Dexter!

Dexter is very happy boy who loves to dance! He dances on his hind legs, and loves to play with toys, chase his ball and chew on his doggie chews. He also loves walks, playing with his doggie friends, and a good cuddle on his foster’s lap. He is crate trained and rides in cars easily.

Dexter is an energetic dog who likes walks in the morning and enjoys running around in the yard. He would do well with an athletic or active family. He is good with dogs and people he knows, but will alert you and bark to make sure someone knows that there are people on “his” street. Once they come into the yard then he is curious and wants to meet and greet everyone.

Dexter demonstrates a normal curiosity of new things and keeps a wide berth around things that he is unsure of, but is not overly fearful. He takes things head on and has a much bigger personality then his stature. He wants to be the boss, so needs good leadership. Once he settled in, he wants to please, so giving him boundaries to work with is important. He is great on a leash, but sometimes barks at other dogs and is working on how to politely meet and greet. He is smart and learns quickly.

Dexter barks at other dogs on walks, which is probably how he kept himself safe on the streets. He would do well in a one dog home, although the 2 females in his foster home have put him in his place and he is fine with that. More training and confidence building will help him relax in these situations. He loves to chase toys and probably would do well in a home that does not have a cat.

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