I’m Guera! Let me tell you about myself . . .

If you want a young dog that is still trainable, but you don’t want the puppy chewing and mischief – then that is me! I am a medium sized dog that is calm and also very intelligent!

No one is exactly sure what my breed is – the typical Baja street mix! Some think I have a little Whippet, combined with Terrier, Chihuahua, and even some Heeler. But I think I have some great traits of many breeds. I am very loyal to my humans and I am also very calm. At the same time, I love to play a game of fetch and go for walks. I am also very affectionate and I bond easily. One of the best things about me is that I am very trainable because I am only about a year and a half old. So I’m past the stage of needing to be housebroken or leash-trained – but I’m still young enough for you to mold me into just the kind of girl you want me to be.

I’m friendly with people and other dogs although I am a little timid at first meeting. I am afraid of brooms, but with some work and lots of love, I am sure I can overcome that. I just need to know you won’t use the broom on me! I am presently fostered with other dogs and I get along with them great. I don’t bark a lot and I love going for walks in my neighborhood – although lately I have stayed close to home – because when I was rescued I was pregnant. So I have 4 puppies to care for – but they are weaned now, I am sterilized, and that means I am ready to be adopted! You can check out my puppies that are still available, Cid and Zimba. They are pretty cute!

I know some commands – but they are in Spanish so I know I could learn English with your help! Then I would be a bilingual dog! I know “afuera” which means out or outside, “esperate” which means wait, and how to wait to be served my food. This just goes to show you how teachable and trainable I am. I am ready to learn more because as I mentioned, I am very smart!

You can see from my pictures that I am very pretty – if I do say so myself and at 12 kilograms or 26 pounds, I am the perfect size and have the right temperament if you live in a small space. I was born approximately March of 2015.

If you can’t adopt me, maybe you can sponsor me while I’m still in foster care. All funding goes towards helping my foster family feed me, get my vaccines and having me spayed or neutered, as well as any transport costs when I am adopted. Thank you for reading my story and please share it with everyone you know who might be interested in making me a part of their family.

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