Be sure to see a little video of Hooka below:

Meet Hooka!

Hooka is a beautiful, sweet and gentle, super chill 1 year old female medium sized shepherd mix.

She can be shy when she first meets people but once you pet her she is really affectionate and playful. Her foster describes her as a dog who loves to be pet and is very obedient.

She’s also a sleeper. She is not particularly active, settles in the house great, and likes to sleep, a lot!

The foster home that Hooka lives in as 2 puppies that she has taken on the role of mother. She loves to play with these puppies and is also fantastic with this overly timid dog her foster mom has. So she is good with all dogs!

Her foster said Hooka was good with all children and we were able to confirm that with this video! She clearly loves children and they love her. Just watch the short video clip with Hooka on the beach the other day entertaining kids and lapping up the affection. She would make a wonderful family dog!

Hooka does have one little quirk, just like the rest of us. She would prefer to not share her meals with other dogs! But true to her shepherd roots, she growls and warns the dogs away, never bites. Over time many of us believe that Hooka will be great in most situations however it just takes time, new experiences and lots of praise so she knows that she is on tract with what is expected of her.

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