Hi Y’all I’m Kaya, a lab/retriever cross.

I’m a little on the small side but my cute face makes up for that. I’m black with white paws, a white bib and a little colour on my lower lip. My foster mom Lupita says that I should be able to fly soon with these ears but I think that I will grow into them nicely and they help me to hear all that much better.

I’m a very happy girl and love to play with other dogs, children and anyone who would like to take the time to give me attention. My foster mom is wonderful and takes very good care of me and the rest of our pack.

I know this sounds selfish but I would really like to find a forever home where it is “all about me and my family”. I don’t mind sharing however it would be so great to have a family to call my own lie so many of the other lucky Baja Dogs. I’m a young, happy and healthy puppy so we will have many years together doing all kinds of fun activities. I’ve heard of special training for agility, obedience and therapy work and as a lab/retriever I know that I would be great at any or all of these kinds of training making me useful as well as a loving pet. My breed loves the water, (not sure yet myself) but I sure I could learn to swim if you are into water sports.

DONT WAIT – contact Baja Dogs right away and they will work hard to get me to you. I’m one click away!

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