Sweet, mellow, Negrito!

If you want a very mellow, relaxed, dog I am your boy!!! I am looking for a family that will love me for my quirky ears and some missing fur – but will think I’m perfect anyway!! I am loyal and warm and have a deep desire to please you.

I am a smart dog, so I would love some mental stimulation and training so I behave the way you want me to – again pleasing you which is very important to me. I am well socialized and get along great with my foster brothers and sisters. I am gentle and very low maintenance. I am already fully grown – so you know my exact size already!

A little about my history: When I was rescued I had a very bad case of sarcoptic mange and this damaged some of the cartlidge in my ears. That is why they are ragged looking. I have a spot on my hiny where I am still missing fur – I am not sure if this will grow back.

I also had another condition known as TVT or a transmissible venereal tumor. This is a sexually transmitted disease among us dogs. But now that I am neutered and have been treated with chemotherapy, this is behind me. I still need some regular checkups so any re-occurrence can be treated quickly. For this reason, Baja Dogs recommends a La Paz adoption where testing and treatment are more affordable and the vets are familiar with this condition.

So you can see I had a rough start and need regular checkups – but in spite of that, I am mellow, lovable, and I want very much to find a good home where I can be adored for the dog I have become today. I am the ultimate family dog!

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