I’m Nesse! Let me tell you about myself . . .

Want a friendly and beautiful girl who has been well taken care of – your own little princess? I am the kind of girl who likes to be with my humans a lot – so if you want someone who will be devoted to you, then pick me! I am a very sweet girl with a very happy disposition and get along well with both dogs and cats.

I was found in a parking lot freshly groomed — you know the saying, “all dressed up with nowhere to go?” I clearly had owners who cared for me but they could not be found despite repeated attempts to locate them. What that means is that I am not your typical rescue girl with a lot of issues that you would expect from a dog abandoned. I’m actually used to being pampered and treated like the little princess I am.

I am friendly with cats because I live in a vet’s office that has a cattery. Also – there are lots of visiting dogs and I get along well with them. Just check out my photos above if you have any doubts!

I am afraid of loud noises and, if left alone I tend to be an escape artist. That might be how I got separated from my family. So if you want a dog that won’t be left alone a lot and is a sweet little princess, then we are definitely made for each other. –

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