My name is Pelusa! Let me tell you about myself . . .

Hi, my name is Pelusa and I’m a white female Maltese Poodle mix. You are probably wondering why I’m looking for a new home. Well as a very young pup I’ve been passed around to many different homes. I honestly can’t remember much about my life. However, I do remember being given as a gift to a nice man who really wanted to keep me, but his wife hated me so after only 2 short weeks he had to find me a new home. He walked me around his neighborhood in hopes that someone would want to adopt me and finally came to my current foster family who agreed to keep me. This family has taken really good care of me and has shown me lots of love and affection. I’ve had all my vaccines and have already been spayed. However, they decided to move to the USA and have no family or a place to live when they arrive so it would be too difficult for them to take me with them.

I think I’m a pretty girl and even prettier with ribbons in my hair. I’m well behaved, but I do have a lot of energy because I’m still a young dog. I really like playing with old socks or stuffed toys. I can jump real high if you place a sock or ball in a tree….this is actually one of my favorite past times. I am very patient and enjoy playing with toddlers or older kids. I don’t mind older dogs but I find puppies annoying.

I have always been nervous around cars and loud noises but every time my fosters take me for a walk I feel more confident and less fearful. I am learning some commands and know my name, sit, no and down.

If you can’t adopt me, maybe you can sponsor me while I’m still in foster care. All funding goes towards helping my foster family feed me, get my vaccines and having me spayed, as well as any transport costs when I am adopted. Thank you for reading my story and please share it with everyone you know who might be interested in making me a part of their family.

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