Tete is an absolute doll!

Tete is a really loving, affectionate and balanced dog.

Tete is an absolute doll! She LOVES running on the beach and jumping in the water. She is very calm and sweet to all humans of all ages; great with kids. Also great with all dogs; large & small (lives with a large, dominant male and they are buddies). She is also completely reliable with other kinds of animals, kittens, cats.

Tete barely barks. She is a very playful and fun loving dog.

Tete means Theresa in Spanish for a girl’s name and is an old Greek word meaning hunter or guardian. It’s a beautiful name for a beautiful 2 1/2 year old tan and white Spaniel.

Tete has the most beautiful old soul eyes.

Tete had a really difficult start to life however she has never looked back and is an amazing all round dog that loves other dogs and people.

She has been fully vaccinated and sterilized and is finally ready to move on with her life and find her people.

She is a great size for taking anywhere and with the heavy lifting and training already done it’s time for someone to truly enjoy this beautiful and loving dog.

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