I’m Tigrillo! Handsome, super friendly and sociable!

I am low energy and happy to be alive! Just wait till you read my story!! Well, let’s just say it was a rather James Bond rescue that got me here today.  I was so lucky! There was action, drama, and time was running out!  Do you know what they did to save me? I was stuck and sinking in mud at a sewage treatment plant with two of my buddies. There was just no way we were getting out; things were not looking good; rather dire truth be told….But someone noticed us at 10 AM and after at least 17 hours of misery, no jokes, at 3 AM someone canoed through the wastewater chaos all the way out to us to save us. We were nowhere near land. But they scooped us out of the muck and mire and canoed us to safety, one dog at a time. It was a close call, very close call. Not all of us survived I’m afraid, but it was not due to lack of effort on behalf of the rescuers….

Here I am a year later. I am a super laid back, low energy adult dog, good with dogs, good with kids, ignore cats, just happy to be alive! I am the kind of dog for people who do not know if they have the energy to keep up with a dog, because I like to sleep. . . a lot! Are you a quiet home with older people, you just want a pal? I am your pal! Let’s just hang out together!

Great with strangers, people I see outside, I might bark for a minute to let you know you got a package but then back to super chill….Not aggressive or reactive at all!

But boy did that 17 hours take its toll. My leg still hurts sometimes and there was two paths for me. Amputation or meds for life. The meds for life was the route for me. It’s just a half a tablet a day, I am happy to eat it and it cost about $40 a month in the USA. I walk fine, lead a pretty much normal life, don’t really want to run, but will happily jump up to lay on a bed. Not actually a big fan of stairs, a one level home would be best for me.

I just know there is a wonderful home for a handsome older guy like me!

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