Let me introduce myself . . . Titi

If you know about Chihuahuas, you know we are small – but that is one thing that makes us so great. You can take us anywhere and we don’t need a lot of space. OK – now if you’re thinking that we’re all yappy and high strung, then you don’t know me. I’m super calm because I’m an older dog and past all that. I love just relaxing in doors with my humans and being with them all day long.

I have only one eye that works – so I go slow to make sure I don’t bump into stuff – but again, we dogs use our sense of smell and hearing a lot more than you humans so that doesn’t bother me too much. I just look like I’m always giving you a little wink!

I don’t need a lot of exercise, don’t eat a lot but I still have some of the awesomeness and cuteness of a Chi. For the awesomeness part it is well-know that once we bond, we are among the most loyal dogs ever and we love with the heart as big as all of the Baja. For the cuteness part, just look at my photos and you be the judge!!

I do not take up much space and because I am so chill, if you are living on boat or small apartment I am perfect. Also, because of my breed, I have a lot of years left – so you and I will have a lot of time together.

I love warm spaces and I tend to burrow under covers and find the warmest spot I can and sun myself. You might have to be careful when you sit down – I could be under a throw, pillow or cover!

Now what more could you ask for?? A chill and sweet girl without much attitude and is low maintenance to-boot!

If you can’t adopt me, maybe you can sponsor me while I’m still in foster care. All funding goes towards helping my foster family feed me, get my vaccines and having me spayed or neutered, as well as any transport costs when I am adopted. Thank you for reading my story and please share it with everyone you know who might be interested in making me a part of their family.

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