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Baja Dogs La Paz is a registered US charity (501c3) based in California. We have actively supported shelters in Southern Baja, specifically La Paz for the past eight years. Most recently, we shifted our focus away from funding individual shelters towards supporting the local Mexican rescatistas (Spanish for “rescuer”) who rescue and rehabilitate street dogs. These dedicated men and women work tirelessly in their neighborhoods to make a difference in the lives of these dogs. They run sterilization programs. They educate their friends and neighbors on the value of responsible pet ownership. They do this by rescuing as many street dogs as they can afford. Then they foster them right in their own homes until someone adopts them.

We share a common goal, to improve the lives and find forever homes for all of these rescued dogs. To aid in their effort, Baja Dogs La Paz posts all of the dogs available for adoption on our website and Facebook pages. We also aid in transporting adopted dogs stateside and to Canada. Your donations also help with vaccinations, sterilizations, and food distribution.

Please browse through this portfolio of our dogs and click on any of the columns so you can sort based on your personal preferences. Check back often because new dogs are being added all the time. You can read about our Adoption Process or feel free to email with any questions you have.

Name Status My Story Age Size Cat friendly Child friendly Dog sociable Location
AquilesAquiles Available! The photos do not do this boy justice, at all. He is just beautiful, as in stunning, and oh so sweet! Smart and big heart there!  Because of his big and getting bigger size and his teenager personality, we would like to place him in a experienced dog savvy home! To ensure fit in your home Aquiles is available for foster-to-adopt as an option! 
Learn more about Aquiles!
Puppy Large Yes Yes Not small dogs La Paz, BCS, Mexico
BellaBella Available! Bella is an energetic girl who loves to play! She is friendly with people and dogs, with a natural curiosity and sense of adventure.  Learn more about Bella! Adult Large Yes Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
CamiliaCamilia Available! Camilia is a happy dog who loves to go on walks and plays wonderfully with her doggie mates! Learn more about Camilia! Adult Small/Medium Yes Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
bebeCanela Adopted! Meet Canela! Super sweet, quiet, calm and loving, Canela, which means cinnamon, is as sweet as her name. She is good with all people and dogs including puppies. Learn more about Canela! Adult Medium No Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
ChacortaChacorta Available! A St. Bernard in Baja? How did this happen? Chacorta is an affectionate giant who would love to go north to a colder climate. While true to his St. Bernard roots of being loyal and trustworthy, he needs a home with lots of space to accommodate his large size. Learn more about Chacorta! Adult Extra-large No Older children Large dogs La Paz, BCS, Mexico
CharlieCharlie Available! Charlie is a handsome, happy go lucky lab with a sweet nature. He recently had a leg amputated due to an injury, and is feeling so much better now. He is grateful to be rescued and is waiting for his new best friend. Learn more about Charlie! Adult Large Yes Unknown Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
chatoChato Available! Chato is a big, friendly boxer with a big heart and a happy disposition. He’s housebroken and great with people, including kids! Learn more about Chato! Adult Large Unknown Unknown Dogs his own size La Paz, BCS, Mexico
conanConan Available! Conan is a gentle, sweet and oh so docile 4 year old American Staffordshire/Boxer mix. Very good with dogs, children and people, and he’s even house trained. Conan is just waiting for the right human to fall in love with his handsome good looks, Colgate smile and super sweet personality. Learn more about Conan! Adult Large No Unknown No small dogs La Paz, BCS, Mexico
dobeeDobee Available! Dobee is a very sweet, calm puppy who LOVES to play with cats, dogs and kids! She has amazing green eyes and is super curious. Learn more about Dobee! Puppy Medium Yes Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
DoroteoDoroteo Available! Meet Doroteo – or Doro for short. He’s a really cute black lab with possibly some hound, and/or Weimaraner mixed in. Doro loves to go for drives in the car and long walks, and is pretty good on a leash. Learn more about Doroteo! Adult Large Unknown Unknown Yes: Medium to large size dogs La Paz, BCS, MX
ForyFory Adopted!!! Meet Fory, a smart young shepherd mix ready to join an active family! Learn more about Fory! Young adult Medium Unknown Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, MX
fusciaFuscia Available! Want a very sweet, sociable, yet obedient dog? Thats Fuscia! Learn more about Fuscia! Young adult Small No No Yes La Paz, BCS, MX
galaGala Available! Gala is a Bassett hound mix with stunning blue eyes who is friendly with other dogs and people! Learn more about Gala! Young adult Medium Unknown Unknown Yes La Paz, BCS, MX
gordoGordo Available! Gordo was rescued with his sister, Pelonchis. He is a charming young dude with a rascally patch over one eye that makes him look rakishly handsome. Learn more about Gordo! Puppy Med Yes Unknown Yes La Paz, BCS, MX
laconchaLaConcha Available! La Concha is a golden eyed beauty who is active and loves to go on walks!
 Learn more about LaConcha!
Adult Large Unknown Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, MX
LucyLucy Available! Lucy is a smart, sweet and active young adult who is out of her puppy phase and ready for formal training. She’s the perfect age and eager to start learning. Will you be her mentor? Learn more about me! Young adult Medium Unknown Unknown Yes La Paz, BCS, MX
LucyLucy Available! Lucy is great with kids, dogs and even cats! Local adoption only. Lucy is currently being treated for a health issue and needs to stay in La Paz.
Learn more about Lucy!
Adult Medium Yes Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, MX
LuluLulu Available! Lulu is an athletic young female shepherd who loves to run and play! If you’re looking for an active buddy who doesn’t take life too seriously, Lulu might be your new best friend!
Learn more about Lulu!
Young adult Medium Unknown Yes Unknown La Paz, BCS, MX
“Maggie”Maggie Available! Despite a rough start in life, Maggie is a sweet, affectionate girl who is good with people, kids and other dogs. She is ready to move forward and embrace a new life with a family who can give her a calm, loving home.
Learn more about Maggie!
Adult Medium Unknown Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, MX
MaxMax Available! Patience, love and kindness, that’s what Max needs! If you are looking to add a second dog to your home and your dog needs a playmate of his very own, well, Max might be your guy! Learn more about me! Young adult Small/Medium No Toddlers or older Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
NegritoNegrito Available! If you want a very mellow, relaxed, dog Negrito is your boy!!! He is looking for a family that will love him for his quirky ears and some missing fur – but will think he’s perfect anyway!! Loyal and warm with a deep desire to please, that’s Negrito. Learn more about Negrito! Adult Medium Unknown Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
NovilloNovillo Available! Novillo is a friendly, calm yet playful terrier mix. He used to hang out at a gas station where people sometimes fed him, but now he’s looking for his forever home! Learn more about Novillo! Adult Medium Unknown Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
PelonchisPelonchis Available! Pelonchis is a calm puppy who loves to play with her brother Gordo! Learn more about Pelonchis! Puppy Medium Yes Unknown Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
Pepe-ChaiPepe & Chai Available! Pepe and Chai are two peas in a pod! They are brothers, and want to be adopted together. Learn more about Pepe & Chai! Young Adult Small Yes Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
PicassoPicasso Available! Picasso is a very calm dog, gets along well with other dogs and is good with kids. He was hit by a car and had surgery on his leg, and is feeling so much better now! Learn more about Picasso! Young Adult Medium Unknown Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
PipaPipa Available! Pipa is a soft-hearted and kind young girl with a perpetual smile on her face. Her calm, positive attitude will make her a good family pet. Learn more about Pipa! Young Adult Small Unknown Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
RosieRosie Available! Total cuteness, stay tuned for more about Rosie! Learn more about Rosie! Puppy small Unknown Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
SanchezSanchez Available! Sanchez loves to play with his best friend, who is a cat! He also loves squeaky toys and sometimes carries them on his walks! Learn more about Sanchez! Young Adult Medium Yes Unknown Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
TigrilloTigrillo In Recovery Handsome, super friendly and sociable! I am low energy and happy to be alive! Just wait till you read my story!! Well, let’s just say it was a rather James Bond rescue that got me here today. Learn more about me! Adult Large Yes Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, MX
TitiWera Available! Wera is past her puppy stage and at a year old she is ready to capture all that her training can bring on! Learn more about me! Young adult Medium Unknown Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, MX