Baja Dogs La Paz is a registered US charity (501c3) based in California. We have actively supported shelters in Southern Baja, specifically La Paz for the past eight years. Most recently, we shifted our focus away from funding individual shelters towards supporting the local Mexican rescatistas (Spanish for “rescuer”) who rescue and rehabilitate street dogs. These dedicated men and women work tirelessly in their neighborhoods to make a difference in the lives of these dogs. They run sterilization programs. They educate their friends and neighbors on the value of responsible pet ownership. They do this by rescuing as many street dogs as they can afford. Then they foster them right in their own homes until someone adopts them.

We share a common goal, to improve the lives and find forever homes for all of these rescued dogs. To aid in their effort, Baja Dogs La Paz posts all of the dogs available for adoption on our website and Facebook pages. We also aid in transporting adopted dogs to the US and to Canada. NOTE: Because we keep track of all dogs adopted and have a commitment to our fosters to rehome dogs in the event the adoption fails, we only adopt to Mexico, the US, and Canada.

Please browse through this portfolio of our dogs and click on any of the columns so you can sort based on your personal preferences. Check back often because new dogs are being added all the time. You can read about our Adoption Process or feel free to email with any questions you have.

Name Status My Story Age Size at Adulthood Cat friendly Child friendly Dog sociable Location
AgathaAgatha Available! Agatha is a calm, friendly and curious dog who is good with people and other dogs. She loves to play fetch and adores her squeaky toys! Agatha is attending agility training classes on Saturdays and which helps her immensely with trust of humans.
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Adult Medium Yes Tested with older children Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
AthenaAthena Available! Athena is a beautiful young girl who is super friendly with people, kids, and other dogs. She was found abandoned with several other puppies, but she is very calm and loving and would make a great family dog. Now all she needs is a forever home where she can show you how great she is!
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Young Adult Medium No Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
AzucarAzucar Adoption Pending! Azucar is a sweet and gentle poodle who was rescued from a family who didn’t treat her very well, but in her foster home she loves people, other dogs, cats, and is also very gentle with kids. Now Azucar needs a forever home where she can show you how much love she has to give. Will you give Azucar a chance?
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Young Adult Medium Yes Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
BaileyBailey Available! What a cute Lab puppy! Bailey is a very sweet, gentle and loving puppy who plays unafraid with his other pack mates, but really loves to snuggle on your lap too. He was found in the desert at only 4 weeks old, but 4 weeks later he is healthy and growing, walks well on a leash, and he is almost fully house trained! Bailey has the looks ok a pure bred lab and a sweet temperament that would make him a great family dog. Now all he needs is a family to love him and teach him more tricks!
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Puppy Medium Unknown Unknown Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
BeckyBecky Adopted! Becky is a sweet, young pup who simply loves her people. She is independent, loves her toys, and can be a real cuddle-bug. She is crate trained and often puts herself to bed when she gets tired. She loves water and enjoys her walks. She will be a medium size dog when full grown and is ready for adoption right now. Are you ready to make Becky a part of your family?
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Puppy Medium Unknown Unknown Unknown La Paz, BCS, Mexico
BellaBella Available! Bella is an energetic girl who loves to play! She is friendly with people and dogs, with a natural curiosity and sense of adventure. Now she just needs her forever home.  Learn more about Bella! Young adult Large Yes Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
BellaBella Available! What a little cutie! Bella is a beautiful young lab puppy found with her sister Billie Jean on an empty lot. Bella is friendly with people, loves playing with other dogs, playing tug of war and with balls and toys. She enjoys going for walks, and walks well on leash. She has a very calm personality and is very sweet and loving. She already knows the sit command and so she sits to have her collar and leash put on. Now all she needs is her forever home – will it be you?  Learn more about Bella! Puppy Medium Unknown Unknown Yes Rosarito, BC, Mexico
Billie JeanBillie Jean Adoption Pending! Billie Jean is a super friendly, and playful little girl who has already made the trip north and is available for adoption in Vancouver! She was found with her sister Bella and her mom on an empty lot in La Paz, but she has all the confidence in the world. She likes to play fetch and tug of war, but she also likes to cuddle and shower her foster mom with kisses. She is very outgoing, smart, and fun. Now all she needs is a forever home!  Learn more about Billie Jean! Puppy Medium Unknown Unknown Yes Vancouver, Ca.
BrunoBruno Adopted! Bruno is a very happy, friendly and lovable dog. He loves playing with his foster mate Bart, and he is very gentle with young children and young puppies. Bruno will make a wonderful addition to a home with or without dogs and with children. Do you have room in your home to adopt Bruno?
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Young Adult Small Yes Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
demiDemi Available! Demi is a friendly, playful girl who gets along great with people, kids and other dogs! She was found abandoned and hungry with her puppies trying her best to survive. Now that she’s safe, she loves getting attention from her foster family and still loves food, which makes her very trainable! Learn more about Demi! Young Adult Med/Large Yes Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
FinFin Available! Fin is a sweet little puppy who is outgoing and very playful. He gets along great with other dogs and cats and walks well on a leash. He had a tough time early in his life, but he is now healthy and happy and waiting for his forever home where he can show his new owners what a fun dog he is. Will you share your loving home with Fin?
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Puppy Medium Yes Unknown Yes La Paz, BCS, MX
FrodoFrodo Available! Frodo is a happy go lucky young boy who is very mellow and extremely friendly with everyone he meets. He loves being petted and playing with other dogs, is learning how to walk on a leash and even started agility training! Frodo had a toe amputated when he was a puppy to fix a slight deformity on his front paw. That made it much better and he runs, jumps and clears agility hurdles easily, so it doesn’t slow him down at all. All he needs now is a family to give him a forever home. Are you that family? Learn more about Frodo! Young Adult Medium/Large Yes Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, MX
GabyGaby Available! Gaby is a beautiful lab mix who was found wandering around a school but now has a safe foster home to help her get ready for her forever home. She is a little timid at first but she is also very sweet and warms up to you quickly and gives you kisses freely. She loves to play and gets along great with other dogs, but she is till being socialized and learning how to walk on a leash. She needs a little longer to get up to date on her vaccinations and get a bit more training, but she will be ready soon. Do you have a forever home for Gaby? Learn more about Gaby! Adult Large No Unknown Yes La Paz, BCS, MX
GueritaGuerita Available! Are you looking for a mellow companion who will give you unconditional love? Guerita may be your girl! She is an older dog who is very sweet and loves to be petted. She is not able to run like she used to, but she still likes to walk and enjoys being around the 4 dogs and two cats she shares the house with now. Guerita had a tough time early in her life, but she is ready to show a lucky adopter how much love she can give in her later years. Learn more about Guerita! Adult Large Yes Unknown Yes La Paz, BCS, MX
KiraKira Available! Kira is an friendly and outgoing young girl who gives her foster owners lots of love and greets all visitors with a smile. She has lots of energy, so she will need an active owner who can help her burn off her energy. Will you help Kira become a model dog? Learn more about Kira! Young Adult Small No Older Children Yes La Paz, BCS, MX
KleaKlea Available! Klea is a friendly, loving young poodle mix who yearns for a forever home where she can give them lots of love. She is very affectionate with people, and she plays well with other dogs and cats but is not dominant. She walks well on a leash and likes to drive in the car. Are you the family to give Klea her forever home? Learn more about Klea! Young Adult Medium Yes Unknown Yes La Paz, BCS, MX
LuchaLucha Available! Lucha is a cute little female puppy who was found on the street. She is friendly with other dogs but still timid with people. She seems to have a mellow disposition but with time her personality will come out more as she gets all of her vaccines. Will you give Lucha a forever home?
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Puppy Medium Unknown Unknown Yes La Paz, BCS, MX
LucyLucy Available! Lucy is a smart, sweet and active young adult who is out of her puppy phase and ready for formal training. She’s the perfect age and eager to start learning. Will you be her mentor? Learn more about Lucy! Young adult Medium Unknown Unknown Yes La Paz, BCS, MX
LukeLuke Available! Luke is a cute little Chihuahua mix who was found roaming the streets and was taken in by his foster family. He is still a little nervous around new people, but once he meets you he’s friendly and loves to play with his toys as well as snuggle in your lap. Luke has a tough time, but he’s ready for a new home where he can relax and show you his true self. Will you give Luke a chance? Learn more about Luke! Adult Small Yes Older Children Yes La Paz, BCS, MX
NaomiNaomi Adoption Pending! Naomi’s story is a familiar one…just a year old, trying to survive on the street with her 4 brand new puppies. Luckily, a loving family took them all in. Naomi is as sweet as they come, loves attention and enjoys curling up with people. She is house trained and walks on a leash and she gets along with other dogs too. Now that her puppies are safe and healthy, Naomi just needs to find her forever home.
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Young Adult Large Unknown Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
NegraNegra Available! Negra is a cute little girl who was found newly born on the streets with her mother and 3 other siblings. She is very friendly and calm with people and loves to play with her sisters. She is still just a puppy, so she is still getting her vaccines and learning how to be a good girl. Will you give Negra a forever home where she can continue to learn?
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Puppy Medium Unknown Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
NetoNeto Available! Neto is a sweet and energetic young male who is equally happy running and playing with his other foster siblings as he is snuggling in with his owners. He gets along great with people, other dogs and cats, walks well on a leash, and he’s showing his ability to learn tricks. Now he just needs someone who will give him a forever home and show him how far he can go! Are you that someone?
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Puppy Medium Yes Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
NinaNina Available! Nina is a super cute little puppy who looks like a shepherd/collie mix in the body of a dachshund. She was found abandoned but is very loving at home and is starting to trust other people. She’s getting her vaccines and will start socializing soon. Now all she needs is someone to welcome her into their home. Nina is also small enough to travel inside the cabin for Baja travelers who want to bring their pet with them!
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Puppy Small Unknown Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
OzzyOzzy Available! Ozzy is a young male who was found starving by a truck stop, but who is super friendly and gets along with everyone. He has lots of energy so he needs an active home, but he would make a great running/hiking partner and would do great at learning tricks. Ozzy loves the water, and would love to go to the beach with his human every day! Will you give Ozzy a chance to show his skills?
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Puppy Medium Yes Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
PelusaPelusa Available! What an adorable little puppy! Pelusa is a tiny Maltese/Poodle puppy looking for a new home. She loves to cuddle, and all she needs is her vaccines, a haircut, and a loving family to help her grow up. Pelusa is also small enough to travel in the main cabin for any Baja travelers who like traveling with their pet!
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Puppy Small Unknown Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
PeppyPeppy Available! Peppy is a handsome little guy who is very approachable, happy and sweet. He plays very well with the other dogs in the house and is great with people. He loves to play with his buddies, but he’s also very mellow when he’s not playing. All Peppy needs is a few more shots and a forever home. Will you welcome Peppy to your pack?
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Puppy Medium Unknown Unknown Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
RockyRocky Available! Rocky is very approachable and friendly, and loves to play with other dogs and cats too. He had a tough early part of his life living on the street eating only scraps, but his foster owners are helping him get healthy again so he can be ready for his new home. Will you give him the new home he needs?
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Young Adult Medium Unknown Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
RomaRoma Available! Roma is a beautiful and oh-so-sweet young girl who loves being with people and is great with children and other dogs. She’s so mellow and loving that she’d be great with a family. Will you give Roma her forever home so she can show you how great she is?
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Young Adult Large Yes Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, Mexico
TiggerTigger Available! This big boy is a sweet sleepy couch potato! Tigger is calm and loving, his favorite things are naps, short walks and hugs from his human. Despite a rough start in life, Tigger loves people, gets along fine with other dogs and is even learning to like cats!
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Adult Large In progress Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, MX
TigresaTigresa Available! Tigresa is a young female shepherd mix with beautiful brindle color who was skinny and sick when she was saved off the street. She is very calm and friendly with people, other dogs, and is very gentle with children. She likes to run, but is also happy hanging around and. Will you give Tigresa a forever home so she can keep chilling?
Learn more about Tigresa!
Puppy Medium Yes Unknown Yes La Paz, BCS, MX
YuYoYuYo Available! YuYo is a uniquely cute little brindle colored Boston Terrier puppy. He has the funniest serious face at first, but wait till you see his smile when he’s getting snuggled by his humans! Yuyo plays well with other dogs and is great with kids. Will you give little YuYo a chance?
Learn more about Toby!
Puppy Small Unknown Yes Yes La Paz, BCS, MX