Baja Dogs La Paz is a registered US charity (501c3) based in California. We have actively supported shelters in Southern Baja, specifically La Paz for the past eight years. Most recently, we shifted our focus away from funding individual shelters towards supporting the local Mexican rescatistas (Spanish for “rescuer”) who rescue and rehabilitate street dogs. These dedicated men and women work tirelessly in their neighborhoods to make a difference in the lives of these dogs. They run sterilization programs. They educate their friends and neighbors on the value of responsible pet ownership. They do this by rescuing as many street dogs as they can afford. Then they foster them right in their own homes until someone adopts them.

We share a common goal, to improve the lives and find forever homes for all of these rescued dogs. To aid in their effort, Baja Dogs La Paz posts all of the dogs available for adoption on our website and Facebook pages. We also aid in transporting adopted dogs to the US and to Canada. NOTE: Because we keep track of all dogs adopted and have a commitment to our fosters to rehome dogs in the event the adoption fails, we only adopt to Mexico, the US, and Canada.

Please browse through this portfolio of our dogs and click on any of the columns so you can sort based on your personal preferences. Check back often because new dogs are being added all the time. You can read about our Adoption Process or feel free to email with any questions you have.