Pepe & Chai! 

Want a couple of super small honeys that will love you with the hearts of giants but require minimum grooming and care? They get along great with other dogs, of course each other, and just love their people!

These two entertain themselves for hours on end and you can leave them be or sit back and watch them put on a show for you!

Like salt & pepper, milk & cookies, or peaches & cream, Chai & Pepe are a pair that go together. These adorable comedians make up in personality what they lack in size. Just look at their pictures! Both are siblings. Chai is the light colored Chihuahua and Pepe is the black and white one. Pepe protects and loves little Chai with all his heart and Chai looks to Pepe for guidance and leadership.

They will keep each other company when you’re gone, play together, clean each other’s ears (Chihuahuas can be obsessive ear-lickers!), and keep each other warm by snuggling together. Like all Chihuahuas, Pepe & Chai both adore warm, cozy places! They will seek out the tiniest sunspot in which to bask, and tunnel themselves under blankets and towels.

Want a pair you can take most anywhere? These miniature, pocket-size dogs make great travelers. They don’t need much exercise and because of their breed, these two have a long lifespan. What more could you ask for?

Pepe & Chai are both very small dogs and can be easily hurt with the rough play of a small child, so we think they would be best in a home with older children.

Weighing about 2 kgs each and with an estimated birth date of June 15, 2015 these dogs are such ideal companions, we believe you’ll want them together.

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