Be sure to see videos of Bella below – in training and with children:

Champion Agility Street Dog Seeking Active and Exciting Owners!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Families and friends, we have a true Champion!

Bella, a street dog from La Paz, is not only crowd- and kid-friendly but she has risen to the obedience challenges provided by our Saturday morning training and agility class to move on and compete in the Perroton (Perro + Marathon as in dog marathon)! To cheering crowds and everyone’s delight Bella took First Place in the dog show designed to raise awareness and funds to help stray and abandoned dogs of La Paz! This was no small feat for her and a testament to how trainable, smart and responsive she is to her foster, handlers and environment.

Please see the playlist at the bottom of this page, as well as the videos immediately below to catch a glimpse of her forever happy, agreeable personality and her huge heart as she rises to her training and responds to her foster’s and other handlers’ requests with gusto.

She is a young, happy, active and agile dog who is going to need active owners. Think a running and hiking buddy, a family who will keep her busy, someone who wants to pursue agility, a backyard sports and games class or any other outdoor endeavor.

Cat, dog and kid friendly, Bella is housebroken, car and crate trained and sleeps in her crate at night too! She is still in her exuberant puppy stage and it will be best to continuing crating or otherwise confining her when unattended otherwise she may keep herself busy….digging in your yard for example!

There is nothing insurmountable about this lovely big hearted dog! With an active home, loving family and continued training, we are confident she’ll be the dog of a lifetime!

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