Meet Cookie!

Cookie is a sweet, energetic little love bug who adores getting attention from her humans. She looks like a miniature chocolate lab, with a gorgeous brown coat that glows in the sun and golden eyes that will melt your heart. At about 2 and a half years old, she is full-grown at only around 25 lbs., the perfect size to take with you anywhere. Cookie didn’t get much attention in her early life, and now she is making up for lost time! She’s a little awkward about it sometimes because she’s still learning how to cuddle, but she tries very hard, and snuggling may now be her very favorite thing to do!

Cookie was a stray dog who was very scared of everyone until she was rescued by some kind people who brought her to the local vet. She spent the next few months living mostly in a crate at the vet’s office, until her foster family brought her home to stay with them. She had no idea how to walk on a leash or be around people, but once she realized she was safe, she made friends with her new doggie mates and slowly learned to trust humans too. She’s been going to training classes and has learned to behave nicely on a leash, be calm around other dogs and people, and is even learning agility! She knows how to sit for a treat, play “touch” with her nose and “shake” hello.

An energetic girl who loves going for long walks and hikes, Cookie needs an experienced dog owner who will give her the love she craves, the leadership she needs and who will keep working with her on her socialization skills. She’d make a great running or walking buddy, and would do great in a home as either the only dog who can soak up all the attention, or with another friendly, calm dog she can play with. Are you the right one to take Cookie home?

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