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Meet Fuscia a Chihuahua Mix!cia

Young adult, female, solid build but small, under 10 pounds, chihuahua mix. She walks great on a leash and loves going for walks. Good balance of keeping busy entertaining herself and cuddling. Not overly needy.

Fostered with cats and good with them

Can be shy when she first meets new people or in new situations but cuddle bug when she warms up and will come over and solicit attention when she realizes you do not intend to plow her over!

Loud noises and big dogs can intimidate her and she will retreat to her bed where she is most comfortable then she just watches and waits.  Adult only home would be great or home with older children. Once she settles in she can be quite playful and enjoys playing with other dogs.

Her current home provides her with indoor/outdoor access so she goes in and out as she pleases.  Housebreaking will need to be worked on as she is not used to giving “cues” to go outside, she just goes! Closed up home where she has to “ask”  to be let outside will be new to her.

She was abandoned to the care of her foster mom, covered in ticks and spent 7 days at the vet recuperating. Bounced back and she is really happy and healthy! Young adult, under 2 years old, spayed, has all her shots and ready for new home!

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Fuscia’s Attributes
Birth Date: ~April 2015
Housetrained: No
Gender: Female
Sterilized: Yes
Current Vaccines: Yes
Size: 3 kgs/7 lbs
Leash trained: Yes
Crate trained: Yes
Car trained: Yes
OK with children: Older children
OK with other dogs: Yes
OK with cats: Yes