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I’m Mateo! Let me tell you about myself . . .

Super smart, handsome, and plays well with others! Want to add a second dog!?!

That’s me!

Handsome Shepherd Mix great small/medium size, I am just 25 pounds!

Want an utterly devoted dog that will just trail you or lets face it, don’t you think your current dog needs a pal? I am the guy you have been looking for! If you are thinking about adding a second dog to the mix you have found your dog!

My foster mom can not believe how intelligent I am, she says I would excel at anything I was trained to do, but I know thats the shepherd in me again! Loyal, trusting, devoted so many great qualities in my breed! I won’t disappoint!

I get along great with other dogs which is pretty amazing, considering what I have been through! I have a noticeable scar on my neck from being seriously attacked by a pit bull, I am really lucky to be alive actually, it was a close call, but honestly I am over it in every single way, just forgive and forget!

I love being around my family and other foster-dogs. The best home for me would be an active family, with room to run, and a home with another dog. I live for my family and when everyone leaves, who knows when they’ll come back! I feel all lost, so I would love someone who already has another dog I can hang out with in your absence. I am really playful with my dog buddies!

I have lots of energy so if you want a running body, a hiking friend or someone to just head out on those adventures with you, that would, again, be me!

I like the mental stimulation of being trained. In fact, my foster mom has taught me already to wait and to sit for my food. Super smart, the sky is the limit what I could do with formal training!

Thank you so much for reading my story! Maybe you already have dog, I am here to tell you you might need two!

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