My name is Max! Let me tell you about myself . . .

Smart, kind hearted, great natured, that’s Max!

Max is as small black lab/border collie mix.  He is really smart but his world has been small for a while now. Needs to get out in about in a manner peaceful easy manner that does not overwhelm him.

He is really pretty shy and can get intimidated easily so his dream home would be a home where he is the second dog.  He really takes his cues from the dogs around him.  If they are good with things, then he will be good with things, if they are fearful or frightened, he will just watch and hang back. He has a great sweet temperament but needs to come out of his shell and gain confidence and currently the other dogs he lives with our his super powers.  They are the cape that gives him the confidence to be comfortable in his world.

To his foster who knows him, he is fantastic. He knows his name, comes when he’s called, house broken, crate trained, rides in the car….it’s all there, but it’s in there and he needs a patient new home to work with him gently in a manner that does not kick in his flight response or in a manner that does not overwhelm his fear threshold.

Today he is strong, healthy, playful and fully recovered from a serous leg injury that was the reason he entered into foster care. Lucky he was found by my foster mom and promptly received the veterinary attention he needed and is fully recovered.

His leg injury is ancient history!

So having owned a timid dog that we worked hard to overcome his timidness I can assure you that the rewards gaining their trust are heart expanding.  The devotion and loyalty like none other.

If you have any questions about me, my foster and the team at Baja Dogs is happy to get you the answers! There is an easy to complete inquiry form below you can use.

Born June of 2014, I weigh 25 pounds and am a small barely medium size dog!

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