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I’m Menona! Let me tell you about myself . . .

Playful, yet calm, sweet and oh so cute! I am smart and somewhat independent although I do play well with other dogs and even cats. I am fostered at a vet clinic and there are many cats here that roam freely. So I am already socialized to them.

I am constantly on the go! And I so love the company of humans and enjoy cuddling with them. I will sleep on your bed if you let me!

The great thing about me is that I am a puppy and because of my smarts, I will do great with some obedience training – in fact I respond very well to reward based training because it gives me mental as well as physical stimulation. I hope you and I can do that together because I think I could be a pretty awesome dog if I know the rules!

As a terrier cross – and maybe a little Jack Russell Terrier – the training will be important because breeding makes me a little independent but full of energy. I thrive on mental stimulation and while I get along well with the other animals in the clinic, I will also do just fine in a house where I am the only dog.

I was rescued at about a month old by a man who found me burrowed between some cars. He took me to this vet’s office and I have been here ever since. I really would like a home and family of my own now and I am at just the right age to adopt if you want a puppy.

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