Meet Trixie!

Trixie was found on Christmas Day! She was just a few months old at the time, a young puppy wandering lost, hungry and wondering where she was going to find her next meal. Fortunately, she was rescued and is now doing great with her foster family! With good puppy food, a safe place to sleep and doggie mates to play with, she is growing up and becoming the happy go lucky girl she was meant to be.

Trixie is friendly and outgoing and loves to meet new people, kids and play with other dogs. She is housebroken, walks great on a leash, and has even learned how to use a doggie door! She knows how to “Sit” for a treat, and is learning other games like “Touch” and how to offer her paw for a “Shake.” She is good at sharing her toys, and often plays tug and other silly games  with her dog friends. When it’s time to rest, Trixie is content to snuggle and loves getting her belly rubbed. She even goes into her crate on her own sometimes to take a nap, although she’d just as soon be snuggling in her human’s lap!

Trixie found her foster family for Christmas, now she needs a forever home to give her Christmas story a happy ending!

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