In remembering her, we help other dogs in need

Every day a sick or injured dog or a new litter of puppies is rescued in La Paz by a responsible individual with a huge heart. What would be considered minimum care for dogs in the US or Canada, here in Mexico are luxuries many cannot afford. Therefore, many dogs are left vulnerable, sick on the streets and in need of rescue.

Baja Dogs La Paz supports these caring “Rescatistas” but we cannot do that without your help. Please consider making a recurring donation so that each month we can continue to change the lives of dogs and ultimately their forever families. Your donations help us fund veterinary emergencies including surgery, x-rays, hospitalisation, and rehabilitation.

Even though traumatic cases capture the attention of many, it is quality dog food, sterilization and vaccinations that are Baja Dogs La Paz biggest expense. You have the option to direct your donation to any of the dogs listed below and your donation will help with expenses incurred for that dog. Then when that dog has recovered, any remaining funds donated can help another dog in need or pay for much needed quality food, vaccinations, and sterilizations.

With your help we can continue to take dogs off the streets and into loving homes.

Click on any image below to see the dog’s story in photos or video.

Guerita (pronounced Gwer-eeta): Guerita is an 8 to 10 year old female that was living on the streets for most of her life. She was struck by car and suffered trauma to her hind legs. There is some indication that use of her legs could be restored with proper therapy.
Sadie: Sadie was abandoned as a puppy and grew up in a field with other feral dogs. She was captured via a pet friendly trap in February 2016 and is being fostered by a volunteer who is working to socialize her. Sadie is afraid of humans and needs much time to overcome this.
  Sterilization (Spaying/Neutering): Thousands of dogs and puppies are abandoned in La Paz and survival is extremely difficult. Sterilizing the puppies and adults we rescue before they have a chance to breed – or to breed again – saves thousands of lives. The female adult in this photo and her puppies were rescued. But there are many more that are not due to the sheer volume. Nothing helps solve the overpopulation problem more than sterilization.
  Food Program: Food is typically the biggest expense associated with rescuing. Good quality food helps the dogs get healthy faster. It helps ensure puppies have the best chance for proper development from the get-go. Food is purchased in bulk and distributed weekly. Your continued support is critical for our food program. Without food, not much else matters.
In Memory of Sela
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Sela required prolonged rehab that would have been cost-prohibitive without the help of sponsors. She was able to experience a home, love, and hope because of donations from people like you.

Sela (formerly Maya) passed away January 12, 2017. We remember Sela’s story, from heartbreak to hope to happiness and this warrior princes’s fight to live and claim a life of love surrounded by people who cherished and adored her for the epic survivor that was with a heart of pure gold and a halo as her crown.

When we think of her in times to come, know she was truly happy. Her faith in human kind restored and her journey to a life fulfilled started when she was saved from much abuse and certain death, diligently nurtured back to health, her heart and whole healed, and adopted into a loving family. Every person who met her through her recovery and placement could not help but be touched by her kind hearted old soul.

She found unconditional love and gave back that love unconditionally. We celebrate not only her life but also celebrate the many people she brought together, across cultures and international borders. She will live on not only in the hearts of everyone she touched but in the friendships that her story and presence forged.

On January 12th, 2017 as everyone who was touched by her sent her love and warm thoughts, Sela lost a quiet battle with cancer and was released to the Cosmos. Forever missed she will never be forgotten. A dog, a rescue, a community, a family, a life.