Helping a dog here in La Paz means getting personally involved because of the sheer volume of strays. The Central Municipal de Atención Canina (CEMAC or the “perrera”) (also on Facebook) is the animal control facility in La Paz and is NOT a no-kill shelter. If your heart is set on a no-kill solution and you want to be sure the dog you rescued finds a home, you must be willing to foster it yourself or YOU need to find someone who will.

To support the efforts of those who rescue dogs and are willing to foster them, Baja Dogs La Paz offers adoption assistance as well as a food program while the animal is in foster care. If you have rescued a dog, our goal is to help you find a permanent home for that dog as quickly as possible. Please read Getting your rescue dog adopted for ways to prepare the dog you rescued for its forever home.

Keep in mind, that if you see a dog you believe needs rescuing but won’t take it into your home because it is aggressive, untrained, or has other problems, then a stranger isn’t going to want to adopt it either. We also do not take a dog in that one person rescued and “assign” it to a volunteer to foster. Please do not submit an intake form or contact us with these requests because the sheer volume, potential for liability, limited volunteers and funds do not permit us to do this.

But if you want to rescue a dog and foster it and are committed to helping it become adoptable, then the rewards are beyond words as you watch a rescue dog blossom under your loving care and, as a result, be selected for adoption by someone here in La Paz, the US, or Canada. Just visit our Happily Ever After page to see the hundreds of dogs people in the community have helped to rehabilitate. You will not be alone in this endeavor.

To initiate this process, you can complete our intake form and one of our volunteers will follow up with you to assess your dog’s readiness for adoption and let you know if we can help you. Right now our average time is 60 days, but this all depends on how proactive you are.

If the dog is not yet ready to be adopted but needs care and support, please indicate that on the intake form where asked “problems or fears the dogs has including any medical conditions that need to be addressed before adoption:”.

If you are thinking of rescuing but have not yet done so, please consider these things:

  1. ALWAYS have food, water, and a leash in your car;
  2. Ask people in the neighborhood if the dog has an owner and proceed accordingly;
  3. Take it to a vet right away. Baja Dogs does not have funds to pay for all veterinary costs of all rescued dogs in La Paz, but we may be able to help with Parvo, Distemper, and other tests. Contact us at;
  4. If you can’t take the dog into your home, go to his/her place every day to feed him and give him water until you can take him/her in – remember that removing a dog from an environment that s/he knows well without a solution, can actually be worse in the long run;
  5. IN ANY CASE DO NOT RESCUE THE DOG IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHERE TO TAKE IT AFTERWARDS. Dogs learn food sources, where shelter is, etc. Until you have a complete solution for the dog, leave it alone and help it along in the environment it knows unless you can take it in and care for it.

Once you have taken the dog in, have it contained and safe, you can submit an intake form to see if we can take the dog into our adoption program. These are the minimum requirements that must be met before can consider accepting the dog into our program:

  1. The dog must be contained and safe. We cannot list a dog for adoption that is roaming the streets freely.
  2. The dog must be sterilized (spayed or neutered) – unless it is under 3 months of age.
  3. The dog must have a rabies vaccine administered unless under 3 months of age.

The dog must be adoptable. If it is aggressive, feral, or not socialized then it is not a suitable pet and you must work with the dog to overcome these issues before listing it with us. Please refer to Getting your rescue dog adopted for the steps you can take to expedite your rescued dog’s adoption.

Sterilization and rabies vaccines are free at Centro de Salud and low-cost at many vets in town as well as the Veterinary Hospital at the University of Baja California Sur here in La Paz (aka, UABCS with this acronym pronounced in Spanish as “w-ah-ps”). You can also check Sociedad Humanitaria de La Paz for one of their monthly free sterilization clinics.

If you are committed to rescuing, fostering, and helping get this dog ready for adoption, then we invite you to submit an intake form and one of our volunteers will be in touch with you for an assessment and photos for promoting your dog.

Intake Forms:

Intake Form – English
Formulario de entrada – español