Raising Funds for Much Needed Surgeries – Can You Help?





Knee Surgery for Canelo

This is a shoutout to all our supporters that we need your help. We have two dogs in our program that need expensive surgeries to address their medical needs.

In “normal” times we were able to have live fund-raising events like the Mutt Strut where extra funds were raised to cover most of these expenses. But now with Covid 19, live events are restricted and so are our funds. Our focus at Baja Dogs La Paz is on Wellness and Prevention. We just launched our new Spay & Neuter program in January. This prevention program targets the root cause of abandonment and unwanted dogs in La Paz.

However, there are times when dogs in our program require medical attention that cannot be predicted. Now is one of those times when we count on our supporters to help.




Canelo was found at a gas station, close to death from malnutrition, ehrlichiosis, and anemia. When Canelo was examined by our volunteer veterinarian, his knees were popping out of the joint. X-rays and an exam by an orthopedic surgeon revealed he had patellar luxation. It is a rupture of the cranial cruciate ligament that causes the kneecap to dislocate with certain movements. Malnutrition is the chief cause of this condition versus injury. Since the condition continues to deteriorate over time, Canelo had surgery on his right knee last week and is recovering nicely. He is scheduled for surgery on his left knee the first week of March. The prognosis is good for a full recovery.



Melo with Foster Raquel

Melo, who spent most of his life with the staff and students of the Tecnologico de La Paz. He lived in the parking lot where the parking attendants brought him food every day. He greeted students when they came in for classes. The pandemic forced the Institute to hold virtual classes and the parking lot was closed. The parking attendants appealed to the public to adopt Melo and one of our rescatistas could not resist the call. Coming into our program 4 months ago, he received medical attention for the first time in his 4-year life. It was early January when Melo was presenting bloody stool and x-rays revealed a mass in his pelvic area. Because of the potential worsening of Melo’s condition, surgery was performed last week, and the mass was removed. It was sent to pathology and we wait for results to determine the next steps.

These dogs will make great family pets, but these medical issues need to be dealt with before that. The cost of these three surgeries is estimated to be $3000 USD. One surgery would tax our resources but three occurring in a short time span is difficult without help.

As we look at our adopted dogs, we are grateful to generous donors who helped them to experience their best life. Please donate, and follow the progress of Melo and Canelo on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Thank you again for your continued support.