Spay and Neuter Program Well Under-way

Our Blog last September talked about sterilization and the great need for many people to get involved and address the problem of over-population of dogs in La Paz. Following that it was clear that we at Baja Dogs La Paz needed to step up to the plate and launch our own sterilization program.

Our Wellness Program ensures that all the dogs in our system receive the best medical care we can afford, and we have more demand for adoptions than we have ever had. However, none of that addresses the root cause of abandonment, suffering, and constant breeding.

In January 2021, Baja Dogs La Paz launched a Sterilization Program that offers vouchers for free sterilization to people who cannot afford to take their dogs to a vet. There are currently three veterinarians in different areas of La Paz that are taking part in the program: Dr. Alan Ortiz Reyes in Camino Real, Dr. Mario Gallo in Centenario, and Dr. Fernando Gajon in Centro. Our volunteer rescatistas Karla Ramirez Martinez, Maria Jose Revilla, and Veronica Santisteban are working hard in their communities to distribute vouchers to people who can not afford to pay for surgery.

Since we started in late January more than 100 surgeries have been performed. In fact, last week alone Dr. Fernando and a small team sterilized 35 dogs in one day. They traveled out to the barrios where some of the poorest people live and where there are way too many animals to care for. Most of these folks don’t have transportation let alone the resources to take their animals to the vet. In these areas, Baja Dogs La Paz is providing antibiotics to make sure that the dogs have a safe recovery. Our volunteers are there talking to people about the clinic and how it works, and they will even go to people’s homes to pick up the dogs and take them to the clinic. Everyone is so appreciative of the help because they too do not like to see animals suffer. We are all excited to plan the next clinic in the next community.

You have probably seen these graphics before but when you really study them you can imagine how many births will be avoided with this program. It is easy to see why we are focusing our resources here.

With that in mind, it is not hard to see how La Paz has an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 dogs that are “sin dueno”, without an owner. These animals suffer from diseases, injury from cars or other dogs, starvation, and a whole host of other indignities. It is all so unnecessary. Sterilization of both males and females will reduce those numbers significantly.

Here is another graphic that shows the benefits of performing the surgeries.

We at Baja Dogs La Paz believe the tide is turning. There are more and

more advocates of sterilizations here in La Paz and in Mexico. Animal abuse is becoming less tolerated by the mainstream population. There are some strong grassroots voices that are calling out to politicians to make laws and enforce them.

As cute as these puppies are, left abandoned to the streets they don’t stay that way without anyone to care for them. There are so many dogs suffering including puppies who have no one to care for them.

Baja Dogs La Paz can help by stemming the tide of unwanted pregnancies. Sterilization works on so many levels. With your support, we want to increase those numbers to 100 surgeries per month or more. Imagine that over 1200 altered dogs now have a chance at a healthy, safe, and long life.

This is a monthly program so please consider making a monthly donation to help with this important work. Click below to get started.