Adopting a dog? Consider picking it up in La Paz!

We did and it was a trip we will never forget

By Anna Ramsay and Tina Buop

We had just lost our dog from old age and we were looking for a new furry, four-legged companion. We were so sad, but we knew we had an abundance of room in our hearts to welcome in a new family member.


While looking online for a rescue dog, we happened to click into Baja Dogs La Paz and immediately saw Athena! We read her profile and we just knew she was the one!

We applied for Athena and went through the Baja Dog adoption process. We also decided, “Let’s go pick her up ourselves in La Paz!”. We had never been to La Paz and we thought it would be wonderful to meet Athena’s rescatista and see where Athena was from.

We got approved and then started making plans to Fly to La Paz!

Planning our trip

We could only go for three days, but that was good enough in our minds. We found a wonderful B&B which was dog friendly and close to downtown La Paz.

We rented a car, as you really do need one in La Paz. Check with your insurance before you leave as to what level of insurance you need. It’s the one thing that I find always confusing when I travel to Mexico.

Because we could not get a direct flight from our city, we ended up driving to San Diego and then getting a flight from Tijuana to La Paz. It was a little extra effort but we did not mind!

La Paz – Day 1

We got to La Paz and checked into our hotel. We then immediately went to the rescatista’s house to pick up Athena! We were so happy to meet the amazing family who had rescued Athena. We got to hear all about her story and about her life. It was a magical evening!

Here is Athena’s Happy Tail to see her story.

Meeting Athena's rescatistas

Training classes at the beach

La Paz – Day 2 Morning

Day two in La Paz was a Saturday which was perfect timing as that is the day when Baja Dogs La Paz meets on a beach in for socialization and agility training of the dogs that are up for adoption.

We met so many wonderful people and dogs and we got to see how Athena was with her agility. She was great!

La Paz – Day 2 Afternoon

As luck would have it, Baja Dogs was having a social event at one of the volunteer’s Pearl Farm! The farm is called Perlas De La Paz and they are located on the incredible Sea of Cortez. You can bring your dog there and have a two-hour tour which we did. It was so cool to be on the Sea of Cortez and learn about the local environment while also seeing how pearls are harvested in an environmentally friendly way. We highly recommend this excursion!

here’s the link to book a tour:

Visiting the pearl farm

Evening on the La Paz Malecon

La Paz – Day 2 Evening

In the evening we strolled along the Malecon which is the main tourist area of La Paz. It was so interesting to people-watch and there are so many different types of restaurants and bars. And the sunset was incredible!

La Paz Day 3 – Getting ready to come home

Our quick trip was coming to an end but we felt we had lived a few weeks in La Paz even though it was only two days.

We took Athena for one last stroll on the beach and said goodbye to La Paz for the time being. We also made a commitment to come back to La Paz for a proper vacation as we fell in love with the place, the people and the easy going pace. And of course, we made life-long friends with the volunteers at Baja Dogs La Paz!

Stroll on the La Paz beach

La Paz Airport

La Paz Day 3 – Airport

We got to the airport and found the Baja Dogs La Paz volunteers and Athena’s rescasitas who were there to wish us goodbye.

We also took another dog named Rocket with us. He was going on his journey to his new home in Edmonton Alberta and we were going to help with the first leg of his trip.

La Paz Day 3 – Airport

Here is Athena ready to leave La Paz. It’s so emotional watching the dogs go on the conveyor belt, but we know they will be safe and we will see them soon!

Athena ready to fly


La Paz Day 3 – Home!

After a couple of hours we landed, went through customs and were in the US!

It was the most special trip we have ever taken as we got to pick up our wonderful dog and we also got to see beautiful La Paz and meet the amazing people of Baja Dogs La Paz.

We highly recommend you make the journey too!!