San Diego Sterilization Fundraiser was a HUGE success!

It was a $16,000 afternoon in San Diego for Baja Dogs La Paz!! Loyal supporters Clare & Nigel Hyde and Linda DiMeglio spent over a year planning a fundraising event for our spay/neuter program in La Paz. More than 120 people contributed their time and donations of more than 40 raffle gift baskets and 20 auction items as well as food and drink. At the entrance to this event Linda posted pictures of all Baja Dogs ready and available to be adopted. Then as we entered the beautiful backyard of the venue, graciously donated by Simon Lewis, we were impressed with the poolside tables, the food buffet tables, live entertainment (by Tony & Brendan), and an array of the raffle and auction baskets. The impact of this event will pay for more than 640 sterilizations – thus saving a potential of 42,880,000 new street puppies (1 dog can lead to 67,000 puppies over her lifetime). Although we have been doing spay/neuter campaigns in the past, our plan is to have Linda DiMeglio kick off and spearhead a new and energized program to control the population of the street dogs. We want to thank everyone responsible for the success of this incredible event.

$25 USD will pay to sterilize 1 dog. If you would like to help support our spay/neuter program click here: Spay/Neuter Campaign – Baja Dogs La Paz, Inc.