Spotlight on BDLP Partner FANLAP

A Foundation for Helping Disadvantaged Children in La Paz

Baja Dogs highlights organizations within the communities that we serve that also share the compassion and commitment to the local La Paz people. With that, let us familiarize you with FANLAP (Fundación Ayuda Niños La Paz) who graciously opened their property where we held our October 3rd sterilization campaign.

In 1996, a well-known and respected La Paz community member by the name of Judy Peterson and her husband worked closely with locals, along with the financial support of Club Cruceros (a local boating club), to provide breakfast to underserved children on the outskirts of La Paz. In 2000, a scholarship program began where school supplies and clothing were also supplied. Then, in 2001, a Mexican non-profit was formed now known as FANLAP. In 2003 a food center was opened where lunches would be provided 5 days a week and a learning center provided books and computers so the students could do their homework. With the help of FANLAP, as of July 2021, 439 students have graduated from Junior High School and 161 have completed Senior High School and 15 graduated from college/university!!!!

With that, let us introduce you to Cande…

CandeFANLAPCande is a recent FANLAP graduate of “Normal Surperior” (the teachers’ college for junior and senior high school teachers. Cande first joined with FANLAP in 2003 when they opened their dining room in Colonia Laguna Azul. Her mother has been the head cook since September of that year. Since then, Cande received a scholarship based on merit, not just because of her mother’s work. She went through junior and senior high school with very high grades, often receiving a certificate for having the best grades in her class. Because of her hard work, attention to her homework, and enthusiastic desire to become a teacher, her sponsors wished to help her with expenses to teacher’s college. FANLAP is happy to report that she has completed her studies, has received her license as a high school teacher, and now all she needs to do is get a job (it normally takes a year or two of substitute teaching before a permanent position opens up.)


FANLAP also partners with BDLP in helping get families access to sterilization for their pets and donating their facilities for sterilizations. FANLAP and BDLP worked together on distributing COVID relief dog food to hundreds of families during the height of the pandemic.

To learn more about FANLAP, go to their web page at and “like” them on Facebook at ​