Sterilization Happy Tail: Catalina

On Christmas Eve 2019, Catalina was found with her second litter of puppies up in the hills of La Paz. Sadly, 8 newborn puppies had not made it due to freezing weather conditions; however 2 male puppies and Catalina were alive. The rescuer (Dani) had seen Catalina on and off for over a year, but had never managed to catch her! This Christmas Eve day was different as Dani scooped up Cata’s two surviving puppies and Catalina then followed her home to warmth, food and shelter.

Catalina and her puppies were rescued on Christmas Eve, 2019. She has since been sterilized and adopted to a loving home in the US.

Catalina had already had a littler previously and at least two daughters survived. Five months after Cata and her sons were rescued, the two daughters were seen with four more puppies! They were looking for food on the street and Dani led them into her garage with a trail of kibble. The six of them stayed with Dani until they all were adopted to families in the US. Catalina’s sons were adopted in La Paz and Catalina went to a family in the US. One final daughter stayed with Dani and is now a loved pet in her household!

This story of Catalina is a happy one because many of her offspring (9 including Cata) have survived and have homes and are of course, sterilized. Sadly though, most dogs will not fare well. They will not get adopted and they will suffer from disease and malnutrition and danger living on the streets. Most will not live for long. Catalina was not even two years old and she had produced at least 15 puppies. Her first litter of puppies were already mothers and one was pregnant. It was not going to be long before all the females would become pregnant and the never ending cycle would continue.

This is the reality of little sterilization in La Paz. Very quickly, animals pro-create and it leads to much suffering. It is wonderful when dogs do find forever homes, but it is a band aid to the problem. Baja Dogs La Paz is committed to being part of the solution to over-population.

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