You can help end the cycle of suffering!

On a recent morning, my day started as usual by feeding and walking my personal four rescue dogs, and ended with a litter of six, tiny 7-week-old puppies in my garage. The mother had been killed, and these poor babies were left to defend themselves.

These seven-week old puppies were left to fend for themselves after their mother was killed.

When I heard about these puppies from a friend, my husband and I jumped in our car and off we went looking for them. When we arrived at their location, we found that one puppy had died that morning. Of the remaining six, one was gravely dehydrated and on the brink of death. We scooped all six of them up from the dirt-bottomed ditch they were in and rushed them to the veterinarian.

Thanks to alert rescuers, the six pups survived.

After hours spent hand feeding the sickly pup with a needle-less syringe, he opened his eyes late that night and looked into my eyes. From that moment on, he along with his siblings have been thriving!! I’m happy to announce that all puppies are now adopted.

One pup was badly dehydrated and had to be fed with a syringe.

Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon story. Because many families here lack the means to sterilize their dogs, both the mama dogs and their puppies suffer, and many simply don’t survive.

All six puppies are now adopted to loving, responsible homes.

Your donation will go directly to our sterilization program, which helps stop the production of homeless dogs that have no one to come to their rescue. These six puppies were the lucky ones.