About Us

Baja Dogs La Paz, Inc. was formed in 2008 as a 501(c)(3) charity to support a Mexican dog refuge that operated in La Paz by the same name. This Mexican dog refuge was incorporated in Mexico - so the distinguishing characteristic in its name was the "A.C." at the end instead of the "Inc." While both organizations were legally separate entities under completely separate governments, they had the same name to show that they worked together seamlessly for the benefit of U.S. donors as well as the Mexican community. It didn't matter that the public thought of them as one entity because both organizations existed solely for the purpose of rescuing stray/abandoned dogs and rehabilitating them at the La Paz shelter.

The benefit to having a U.S. charity was that donors filing a U.S. return could receive a tax deduction. Several years ago, the Mexican refuge (Baja Dogs La Paz, A.C.) closed its doors. However, the U.S. charity (Baja Dogs La Paz, Inc.) opted to continue operating with the goal of helping address the problem of stray/abandoned dogs in and around the city of La Paz, BCS, Mexico.

It continues to operate today as a funding arm for Mexican charities and projects. So while many people still think of the local La Paz shelter when they hear the name Baja Dogs La Paz, its mission and purpose has grown and expanded well beyond that into an organization that seeks to address the overpopulation of dogs through a more wholistic approach that encompasses education, sterilization, community support programs to prevent abandonment, as well as rescue efforts.

It is run by a U.S. board of directors and a team of volunteers in La Paz as well as select cities in the US and Canada. Meet the team below!

The Board

Michelle Gaylord


From my first visit of La Paz, I was enchanted by the warm, friendly people and unsurpassed beauty of the Bay of La Paz. But I couldn’t ignore the unbelievable number of street dogs. ➤ Read more

    Michele Miller


    When vacationing in La Paz, I started volunteering at a local dog refuge by walking dogs and doing anything else I could to help out. One thing led to another and I knew I had to do more . . . ➤ Read more

      Michelle McCormick


      Looking for a second home in the area, my family and I discovered La Paz. I read about a local dog refuge in one of the English language newspapers and started volunteering. ➤ Read more

        The Volunteers

        Cindy Crane

        Volunteer Coordinator

        Cindy and her husband Bernie came to La Paz in 2007 from Nanaimo, BC, Canada for a visit and decided this city was home. True to Cindy's generous nature and her organizational skills, she immediately got involved in local charities, including Baja Dogs. ➤ Read more

          Caroline Hyatt

          Foster Care Coordinator-Vancouver, BC, Canada

          Caroline lives in Vancouver, BC and works to recruit local area foster homes that can receive our Baja Dogs and help with their adoptions. As a fosterer herself, Caroline’s role is key in that whenever a transport opportunity ➤ Read more

            Warren and Lori Paulin

            Transportation Outreach

            Warren and Lori Paulin live in La Paz full time and like all volunteers, they are often involved in rescuing a stay or abandoned dog in need of help. Both help forge new relationships with airlines and transportation organizations ➤ Read more

              Lupita Felix

              Foster Care Team Leader

              Lupita has had more dogs adopted through the Baja Dogs process than any other single rescuer here in La Paz. ➤ Read more

                Sandra Bicego

                Media/Volunteer Recruiting

                Sandra works in environment and sustainability and on her free time she loves to kitesurf and surf in Baja and above all, working ➤ Read more

                  Irene Phillips

                  Public Relations

                  Irene and her husband spend winters in beautiful La Paz and are only too willing to get involved in many efforts to make life better ➤ Read more

                    Charlene Angelo


                    After 25 years as a serial entrepreneur, Charlene came to La Paz with her husband to retire. Always a dog lover with an I/T background ➤ Read more



                      Here are a few of our featured pets. To see a complete list of all of the dogs and puppies in our portofolio visit the portfolio index. Feel free to email adoptions@bajadogslapaz.org with any questions you have.


                      Contact Us

                      For general information, you can email us at: USCharity@BajaDogsLaPaz.org or use the form below to contact us. We answer every inquiry so it is important to include a valid email address. Also - be sure to check your spam or junk mail folder when looking for our reply. Thank you so much for your interest in Baja Dogs La Paz, Inc.!


                      We provide support to many causes. Here are some you can donate to directly.

                      Baja34 Rescue Project

                      Saving the dogs and cats of Pichilingue
                      USD-Donation MXN-Donation CAD-Donation

                      Huellitas del Corazon

                      Footprints of the heart
                      USD-Donation MXN-Donation CAD-Donation

                      Yo Amo A Mi Mascota

                      I love my pet
                      USD-Donation MXN-Donation CAD-Donation

                      Rescatistas (Rescuers) of La Paz

                      Food and vet care for rescued dogs.
                      USD-Donation MXN-Donation CAD-Donation

                      Amigos de Los Animales de Todos Santos

                      Helping dogs and cats ot Todos Santos since 1998
                      USD-Donation MXN-Donation CAD-Donation

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