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Baja Dogs La Paz, Inc. The Evolution Continues

March 7, 2016

Since its inception in 2008, Baja Dogs La Paz, Inc. (BDLP) has undergone many changes. True to its mandate, BDLP funds organizations/individuals who share its focus of rescuing abandoned dogs and reducing the over population of dogs in the La Paz area.

In 2014, BDLP funded the infrastructure for the K9 Rancho del Perro refuge in El Centenario. We funded medical and transportation of dogs north until 2015 when, after several failed attempts to get detailed expense reports from the board of K9, we were forced to withdraw our support.

We assisted Diana Hall of Minnesota with the Baja34 Project. What started out as a rescue mission of 34 beach dogs in Pichilingue ballooned into more than 60 dogs rescued and transported north. BDLP continues to support the efforts of Diana and plans are underway to collaborate on more projects. 

Even though 2015 was a transitional year for BDLP, the collective efforts of organizers, volunteers and our donors still resulted in more than 100 dogs being plucked off the streets and beaches of La Paz and adopted into forever homes. 

It is heart-warming to think of the impact you, our donors and volunteers, made on the lives of these animals and how many adoptive families were enriched through your efforts.

It is only with our generous donors and your continued support, that all of this good work is possible. We know you support our cause because you see the difference we are making in the lives of these animals every day.

Seeing Positive Changes

Today, we see positive changes at the grass roots level where local Mexican rescuers (Rescatistas) are hard at work taking in some of the worst cases of neglect and abuse.  Since reaching out to these Rescatistas with an offer of assistance a whole new network has opened up. A network of people who work hard every day to get injured, abandoned and neglected dogs off the streets. We share a common goal:

To help homeless and abused animals on Baja Sur AND to be part of the evolution of a culture who today generally accepts animal abuse as the a culture that recognizes the value and enrichment animals bring to our lives.

We support the heroic efforts of Sociedad Humanitaria de La Paz (SHLP) and their group of dedicated veterinarians who conduct monthly spay and neuter clinics in and around La Paz. All with the aim of reducing the number of unwanted puppies. Many of our BDLP volunteers help out at these clinics. It is all hands on deck and what a rewarding experience for everyone.

 All of these organizations and individuals need help to achieve their mandate. There is never enough money to match the need.

Baja Dogs La Paz is Evolving

BDLP is evolving with the needs of the community.  With that in mind, the board of BDLP is expanding their focus, reaching out and offering grants to organizations/individuals who apply and meet the qualifications. 

Organizations/individuals can apply for grants to cover costs of food, medicine, spay/neuter programs, education or other special projects. All applications will be considered and we will attempt to assist as long as our funding allows it.

As a funding organization that relies solely on donations, BDLP has always been fiscally responsible.  We respect the trust our donors place in us to do the right thing with their donations.  We believe that this change puts us in a better position to help more people and ultimately help more animals.

Supports a Foster Based Model

For the foreseeable future BDLP supports a Foster based model where individuals rescue dogs and take them into their home while they recuperate, socialize and prepare for adoption. We support these individuals financially with food and medical bills. But mostly we help them broaden the scope of their efforts to get their dogs adopted both locally and in the US and Canada.

 This Foster model ultimately leads to happier, healthier and more socialized dogs. That makes the dogs more adoptable...which translates to shorter stays in foster care. We heard from adoptive families how much they appreciate receiving a dog that is socialized and trained because of living in a Foster home environment.

The model is working. In the last 60 days alone, our volunteers helped get 17 dogs adopted or into specialized shelters. Today our average days between “listed to adopt” and “adopted” is thirty-four. That means from the time the dog is listed on our site it takes only 34 days on average to get a dog adopted.

BDLP has evolved over the years to meet the changing needs of the community. We are always looking for more volunteers who share our vision and more generous dog lovers to donate

The one thing we never need to look more dogs to rescue. They always find us.

New Features on the Website

If you haven't seen our new website yet, you will want to check it out. Look at all of the sweet dogs looking for their forever home. See how many adoptions are complete. 

Under our About page you will find our Financials page. This details the income we receive from donations and where the money is spent. We remain fiscally responsible and the trust our donors place in us is always top of mind. We feel it is important to be transparent to maintain the confidence of our donors

New Stories to Share

Check your inbox for new stories we will be sharing over the next few weeks about "Rescued Rose."

The team at Baja Dogs thanks you again for your support through the years. We look forward to making an even bigger impact in the over-population of dogs here in La Paz in the years ahead.


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