Baja Dogs La Paz, Inc. was formed in 2008 as a 501(c)(3) U.S. charity to support a Mexican dog refuge that operated in La Paz by the same name. Both organizations worked closely together rescuing stray/abandoned dogs and rehabilitating them at a La Paz shelter.

The Mexican refuge (Baja Dogs La Paz, A.C.) closed its doors a few years ago. Shortly after that, volunteers of the U.S. charity discovered a group of local, individual rescuers (called “rescatistas”) that had been rescuing and fostering dogs for years without support or the use of a refuge/shelter. This group of rescatistas were better able to rehabilitate stray/abandoned dogs in their homes than would be possible in a shelter environment. However, finding permanent, adoptable homes was their biggest challenge and so the Baja Dogs adoption system was started.

Today, this system supports an average of 50-60 dogs at a time all of which are fostered by an average of 25 rescatistas. The system includes food, vaccines, sterilization (spay/neuter), medications, and some veterinary services such as diagnostics and treatment. This means more funds go to the direct care of the dogs vs. rent or salaries that would be required of a shelter. This adoption system also seeks to encourage more people to rescue, rehabilitate, and foster dogs at the local level by giving them the tools, education, and support they need. When more in the community rescue and foster, they tend to educate their friends, family, and neighbors about rescuing and the importance of proper animal care including sterilization (spay/neuter), regular vaccines, proper nutrition, water and shelter for their dogs from the sun and rain. This grass-roots movement can better effect the cultural change needed to stop the cycle of abuse and neglect. You can read about this system here.

Baja Dogs La Paz, Inc. is run by a U.S. board of directors. To provide more services and qualify for more opportunities, a Mexican charity was formed called Voluntarios Por Los Perros de La Paz, A.C. in 2017 which operates under the direction and umbrella of the U.S. charity. Support is provided by an all-volunteer core team that operates on the ground in La Paz as well as select cities in the US and Canada. Meet a few of the core team members below!

The Board

Michelle Gaylord


From my first visit of La Paz, I was enchanted by the warm, friendly people and unsurpassed beauty of the Bay of La Paz. But I couldn’t ignore the unbelievable number of street dogs. ➤ Read more

    Michele Miller


    When vacationing in La Paz, I started volunteering at a local dog refuge by walking dogs and doing anything else I could to help out. One thing led to another and I knew I had to do more . . . ➤ Read more

      Michelle McCormick


      Looking for a second home in the area, my family and I discovered La Paz. I read about a local dog refuge in one of the English language newspapers and started volunteering. ➤ Read more

        The Core Volunteers

        Rebeca Kobelkowsky-Sosa

        Veterinarian, La Paz, BCS, Mexico

        Rebeca is a certified veterinarian from the Metropolitan Autonomous University in Mexico City with over 20 years of experience. Since she was very young she has always loved dogs ➤ Read more

          Rebecca MacDonald

          Fosterer, Transport and Web Support

          Jim and Rebecca moved to La Paz from the Bay Area, CA in 2016 with their own two rescued dogs. On their first day in La Paz, a young Baja pup showed up on their doorstep, and soon became part of their family. Another soon followed ➤ Read more

            Caroline Hyatt

            Foster Care Coordinator-Vancouver, BC, Canada

            Caroline lives in Vancouver, BC, Canada and supports the adoption process by doing telephone interviews and home checks. Having adopted a Baja Dogs rescue herself, she knows exactly what is involved and how to assure the dogs and owners are the right fit for each other. ➤ Read more

              Linda DiMeglio


              Linda processes all dogs at intake including their initial photographs and temperament assessment. This includes friendliness with kids, cats, strangers, and other dogs. ➤ Read more

                Lisa Wilson

                Communications & Tech Support

                Lisa answers the Inquiries that come in from people asking questions about one (or more) of our dogs. She also assists in keeping our database of dogs current. ➤ Read more

                  Irene Phillips

                  Public Relations

                  Irene and her husband spend winters in beautiful La Paz and are only too willing to get involved in many efforts to make life better ➤ Read more

                    Charlene Angelo


                    After 25 years as a serial entrepreneur, Charlene came to La Paz with her husband to retire. Always a dog lover and having health care I/T ➤ Read more