Be sure to see a little video of Chacorta below:

Meet Chacorta, but you can just call him Mr. Big! 

There is just no getting around this, he is enormous, as in colossal not to mention a long way from the Monks in Switzerland that started his breed a long time ago…Let’s just say Baja is not the perfect climate for this guy….He was bred hardy to endure colder weather…Any movement north would really help.

But it’s not just that, he needs an experienced St Bernard family, because while true to his St. Bernard roots of being super affectionate and trustworthy one cannot overestimate the amount of space you would need to accommodate his size!

We haven’t even gotten to food yet. Let’s just say he eats, a lot. All of these are major considerations when thinking about adopting him so a family with experience with large breeds would be great.

So, space, exercise, lots of food, and oh yes, training!! He is ready to get on with the life he was meant to live, with a family he can be loyal to, who will properly exercise and train him and give me a job to do! Very affectionate and has never shown any aggressive tendencies. Good with dogs if they are not small and children if they are older. Basically because we do not want him to harm anyone, it’s just his size can overwhelm things that are much smaller than him! This big-hearted guy needs an even bigger-hearted family that can take him under their wing and turn his life around!

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