I’m Conan, let me tell you about myself! 

I am a gentle, sweet and oh so docile 4 year old American Staffordshire/Boxer mix, a large and brindle boy. I have been living with my foster mom in La Paz for some time now and even though I love her very much it is time to find my forever home. I am very good with dogs and other people, and I’m house trained too. I’m good to go but I need the right person fall in love with my handsome good looks, Colgate smile and super sweet personality.

I didn’t start off with a great life because I was kept on a very short chain, no shade and my job was to look fierce, bark and protect a local business. Well, turns out I was way too sweet for that job! I was just a super friendly, teddy bear that just wanted to be a pet! People would come by to pet me, bring me food and water, and make sure I was okay. Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers. He abandoned me because I failed at being fierce, in swooped my foster Mom to give me a glimpse of what a home filled with love and kindness looks like, I am ready, and now it’s time to find a family of my very own!

Happy Healthy and young, I have a long life ahead of me!

I’m grateful to Baja Dogs and my foster mom for making a huge difference in my life. My heart and soul is really in need of that special love that only a forever family can give me. I know my best friend is out there waiting for me to come into their life.

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