Meet Maya!

Maya was found as a young mother on the side of the highway with her 4 puppies, severely malnourished but super happy to get the food we brought her every day. Now that she and her puppies are all safe in foster homes, she is showing how loving she can be. She is a calm, beautiful young girl who was very scared and can be timid with new people, but once she knows you mean no harm, she loves being petted, getting treats and getting her ears scratched! Maya was injured at some point, and has a fracture in one hind leg that was never treated, and as a result that leg is shorter than the other. This has caused her to compensate by shifting her opposite leg out to the side when she walks, and is causing her some issues and pain with her foot, so for now she can’t go on walks as it makes her toes on that foot very sore. She is getting a brace to help take the pressure off, and she may need surgery at some point to stabilize the joint.

In spite of her injuries and her rough start, Maya is a little love bug who practically folds herself in half, with her nose touching her butt, when she gets so excited to greet her humans! Her nickname is “Maya Papaya” because she is so sweet (AND it rhymes!). She is house trained, walks well on a leash, and gets along very well with the rest of her family’s other foster dogs. At a recent visit to the vet, Maya calmly greeted another dog as well as several cats playing in the lobby, then just laid down to relax! Maya would do great in a home that can give her all the love and care she deserves, and help her with her treatment.

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