Meet Peppy!

Peppy, aka Mr. Personality, is a keeper! He is such a cute combination of Shepherd, Terrier and Basset Hound, and true to his name, Peppy delivers sunshine and happiness every single day to his foster parents. He is eternally bouncy and happy, and playtime is ongoing for him – whether it’s playing well with his foster family’s dog or parading around proudly with his favorite furry toy.

And while Peppy may be short, he is all muscle and bustle and smart.  Once you brush your teeth , he is dancing to get out for his first walk of the day. He is loyal, protective and friendly, and he is well adjusted with other dogs on leashes. Peppy is also a quick learner, already having learned to come to his name, and he also knows the commands sit and no.

Peppy is neutered and has all of his shots, so now he’s ready to bring his enthusiasm to his forever family. Please consider adopting Peppy, you will be forever happy you did!

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