Be sure to see a little video of Rocky below:

Rocky is adopted!

Rocky is very approachable and friendly. In fact, his current foster family says he is one of the sweetest dogs they have ever had. He and loves to play with other dogs and he absolutely loves caresses by humans, too. He likes going for walks and he calms down at home and likes to lay at his human’s feet.

Rocky is a great companion – you don’t have to look far to know where he is — just look at your feet and that is his favorite spot. When he is tired, he puts himself to bed quietly.

Rocky was attacked by another dog in his previous foster home on three different occasions. Rocky approaches all dogs with the intention of playing and did the same with this dog that attacked him. After the last attack, his foster family decided Rocky would be safest fostered in another home so he was moved. In spite of these attacks, he still loves other dogs. With humans he does not know, he is timid and needs a little time to warm up. But then he is all love and kisses.

In the video playlist below you will see Rocky in his current foster home recovered from his injuries and playing with his foster sisters. His fur is growing back nicely. The next video explains his background and shows Rocky still in recovery. Rocky is fully recovered now and is ready for his furever home!!!

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