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This project was started by Jeff and Diana Hall after taking a vacation in La Paz. On the beach of Pichilingue they saw a pack of dogs and cats living together and started feeding and caring for them. They counted 34 in all, hence the name the Baja34.

The initial challenge with rescuing 34 dogs and cats was that the refuges were all full. So, the first item of business was to raise money to ship adoption-ready dogs from a local refuge to make room for these from the beach. Once rescued, their health was assessed, they were vaccinated, sterilized, socialized and were transported – a few at a time – to Minnesota where they have all been adopted to loving homes. Between the adoption-ready dogs, the Baja34, and the puppies and kittens born to the pack while awaiting entry to the shelter, approximately 80 animals were rescued by this single effort!

Today, the Baja34 Project has continued to raise funds to help stray and abandoned dogs on other beaches, in the desert, and throughout the city of La Paz. You can follow this project on Facebook Baja34 Rescue or via the Baja 34 GoFundme page. The Baja34 Rescue effort works almost seamlessly now with Baja Dogs La Paz to save many more animals that just those at the beach. Who knew that one couple’s vacation could save so many!

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