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My name is Bartolo! Let me tell you about myself . . .

If you are looking for a medium size loverboy that plays nice with your cats, kids, and other dogs then I’m your guy! I am very intelligent so I hope you will train me to do exactly what you want – because I love to please!

If you like to cuddle – then so do I! And if you want to play – then I’m ready! I am just an all-around great dog who is well adjusted and ready to find my place in your family. I am pretty easy going and I just don’t take things too personally. I am an extrovert – in playtime, cuddletime, and just finding ways to make you happy. Throw in my adorable fuzzy face and what more could you ask for?

I am shy when I meet new people and it takes me a little while for you to see the real me. So if you can be a little patient with me until I settle in, that will be great.

My favorite thing is being around my humans and whether that is exercising or lounging around – it’s all about you!! I do need regular exercise – like walks, playing, etc. – especially if they are with YOU! But I can live in an apartment, condo or small space as long as I get to stretch my legs a little each day. But other than that, I am a really mellow, laid-back guy and will be happy to be wherever you are.

At 12 kgs. and an estimated 2 years of age I’m still young enough to learn a lot, but past the destructive puppy stage. So what are you waiting for? If you want a loyal, easy-going, sweet-natured dog – then here I am! I’ve been waiting for you!

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Bartolo’s Attributes
Birth Date: ~Aug 2013
Gender: Male
Size: 10 kgs/22 lbs
Current Vaccines:
Leash trained:
Crate trained:
Car trained:
OK with children:
OK with other dogs:
OK with cats: