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Baja Dogs La Paz, Inc., 11149 Bootes Street, San Diego, CA 92126, USA.

Ways your contributions help
  Wellness Program: Dogs in our Adoption Program are seen by our volunteer vet for a full physical exam, deworming, tests, vaccines, and some diagnostic services. When a potential problem is encountered that is beyond the scope of our clinic, a referral is made to an outside vet for further testing, xrays, and/or treatment. All of these services and conditions are documented in the dog’s veterinary record including outcomes and continued care. It would be so much easier if the dog could tell us all about his/her life on the streets, what happened, and where it hurts!
  Sterilization (Spaying/Neutering): Thousands of dogs and puppies are abandoned in La Paz and survival is extremely difficult. Sterilizing the puppies and adults we rescue before they have a chance to breed – or to breed again – saves thousands of lives. The female adult in this photo and her puppies were rescued. But there are many more that are not due to the sheer volume. Nothing helps solve the overpopulation problem more than sterilization.
  Food Program: Food is typically the biggest expense associated with rescuing. Good quality food helps the dogs get healthy faster. It helps ensure puppies have the best chance for proper development from the get-go. Food is purchased in bulk and distributed weekly. Your continued support is critical for our food program. Without food, not much else matters.

In-kind donations

Gym mats give the dogs a comfort in their crates during transport.
Gym mats give the dogs comfort during transport.

Items we need:

  • Collars, leashes, and harnesses of all sizes
  • Blankets, towels, and gym mats
  • Crates, especially if airline approved – or if coming from a city where we have crates that need to be returned
  • Strong, sturdy toys, ropes, and balls
  • Washable pee pads – the kind that moisture does not soak through. These are great for puppies
  • Expired or near dated medications such as doxycycline and prednisone