A Word from our Board:Rescatistas-de-La-Paz

In 2016 Baja Dogs La Paz transitioned from supporting shelters here in La Paz to a Foster-based organization. All indicators prove that we made the right move.

Volunteers and especially our Rescatistas deserve a huge ovation for all the hard work and dedication they display daily. Our Mexican Rescatistas are not only working with the dogs they rescue but they work on changing attitudes in their communities around the treatment of animals. They work with children in schools, with their neighbors, and through Social Media to facilitate a cultural change.

More than 100 dogs were adopted in 2016. From purely a numbers perspective that is 100 dogs who are not on the streets reproducing. If half of them are females, then 60 females could produce at least 60×6=360 puppies in less than a year. Those could then go on to produce 360×6=2160…anyway it is not hard to see how there could be 15,000 stray dogs in La Paz.

The average time dogs are in our Foster system is 53 days before adoption. Proof that it is not a lifetime commitment for our Foster families.

We distributed more than 3400 pounds of dog food in our Food program.

We have more than 60 dogs in our system, some are ready for adoption (see our adoption portfolio), many are recuperating (go to our “How to Help” and view our “Remember Sela” page).

Many new families joined our Baja Dogs La Paz community through adoptions. We even have a new Facebook page Baja Dogs La Paz BC created by our adoptive families in British Columbia to keep in touch with the Rescatistas.

Even with all of that going on volunteers still had the energy to help at four Spay and Neuter clinics organised by the Sociedad Humanitaria de La Paz (La Paz Humane Society) where over 260 animals were sterilized.

Financial Summary 2016:

Baja Dogs La Paz Inc. 501(c)(3) (BDLP) is a California based non-profit that funds organizations/individuals who rescue, rehabilitate and re-home dogs in the Baja Sur area of Mexico. Donations are raised online through various appeals, fundraising campaigns and events in the La Paz area where the charity has its roots.

As a donor, you have several options to direct your donations to a specific project or initiative that is dear to your heart (for example, spay and neuter clinics) just by making the notation when you donate .


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If you prefer to mail a check, please make payable and send to:
Baja Dogs La Paz, Inc., 11149 Bootes Street, San Diego, CA 92126, USA.

For transparency, the following is our 2016 Financials. Much of the donations come via employer matching programs. If your company matches your donation we benefit two-fold. Please consider adding us to your annual giving program and help us take more dogs off the street and get them into homes where they are loved.

With your continued support, we hope to grow our programs so Baja Dogs La Paz can support our Rescatistas with vaccinations and sterilizations. Thus, reducing the number of abandoned dogs and getting all the dogs healthy and ready to be adopted.

Baja Dogs La Paz, Inc. – 2016 Annual Statement
Income/Expense Income and Disbursements Total
Balance Balance Forward $23,948.31
Balance Forward $23,948.31
Income Adoption Fees $11,112.09
Donations $34,976.03
Interest $3.53
Total Income $46,091.65
Disbursements Pass-through Donations $(4,122.05)
Total Disbursements $(4,122.05)
Expenses Advertising $(78.85)
Animal Care $(1,393.41)
Bank Fees $(278.82)
Duty $(21.90)
Food $(7,497.45)
Medical Supplies $(1,335.07)
Meeting Expenses (Annual) $(126.73)
Non-Profit Fees $(170.00)
Software and Subscriptions $(2,650.00)
Supplies (General) $(352.33)
Transport $(5,927.92)
Telecom $(28.51)
Vet Bills $(5,481.09)
Volunteer Appreciation $(874.38)
Total Expenses $(26,216.46)
Ending Balance $39,701.45