If you love dogs and would like to help us out with a few of our little furballs, please consider fostering. You can foster for a short term – overnight – or for a few months and we will match you up with a dog or puppy that works best for your situation at the time of need.

We need foster homes in La Paz and in the following cities in the US/Canada:

  • San Diego, CA – USA
  • Los Angeles, CA – USA
  • Seattle, WA – USA
  • Vancouver, BC – Canada
  • Calgary, BC, Canada
  • Victoria, BC, Canada

If you have even a slight interest in fostering, but need some questions answered, we can give you details about our program. If you have more questions, visit our FAQ page or email us at volunteer@bajadogslapaz.org.

You can also let us know of your interest by completing the form on this page and someone will get right back to you or you can complete our Foster Care Application now. For all of the details of fostering, be sure to read the Foster Care Manual.