Following are the the requirements to obtain funding for your project. Please describe your project as completely and comprehensively as possible:

  1. Grant Application Form – please complete the grant application form AND also be sure to include all of the requirements listed on this page.
  2. Narrative (maximum of 2 pages) – briefly describe how your program will work and be sure to incorporate the following points:
    • Need for your program
    • Goals and activities involved in this request
    • Estimate the number of pets and people that will be help and explain the geographic reach of your program
    • Indicate other organizations you have contacted or plan to contact for funding in order to sustain your program
    • Indicate other organizations you have contacted or plan to contact to collaborate with on this project
    • Describe your plan for evaluating the success of the project
  3. Program Budget: You application will not be evaluated unless you provide a program budget. You may use this grant for pet food costs and veterinary supplies. You may not use this grant to expand existing infrastructure, for salaries, or for administrative expenses.
  4. Provide a complete description of how you plan to track the funds you expend. You will be required to submit original receipts and an expense log for funds you receive.

Please email the Grant Funding Application and all items included above to Once your application is reviewed, we may have remaining questions for you to answer.

Thank you for your interest in Baja Dogs and for caring enough of the dogs of the area to help them.