This page is dedicated to all of the people who work tirelessly to help get these dogs off the streets and into a loving, forever home – as well as to those people who provide loving homes for our dogs. It takes a tremendous amount of effort and an entire team of people in three countries to save these dogs and see them get the second chance they deserve. Each of these dogs has a story to tell. We may not know the whole story – but its the ending that counts. One of our favorites is Rey – his story is here as well.

If you’ve adopted a Baja Dog from us and would like to feature it here, please write us at Be sure to include some photos!

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Chihuahua-Mix Pups

These puppies were born to a dog rescued from the streets and were sent to New Leash Rescue in Minneapolis, MN. Thanks to help from Burnsville, MN Camp Bow Wow, these pups got lots of attention and play time.


Lucinda – Happy and healthy now!

Lucinda was found under an abandoned car foraging for food. Malnutrition was contributing to poor bone development. In addition, she was plagued by a severe case of mange. Now just look at her!

Little Canela

Canela, her mother and 5 siblings were found in the bushes trying to survive. They were rescued and fostered by a woman who took great care of each one of them.

Who doesn't love puppies? Check out Canela's siblings, still available for adoption: Loki, Bernard, Ken, and Barbie.

Apollo - Now Maui - couldn't get any luckier!!

Maui was found along the street - born with deformed front legs and unable to hold himself up to eat or drink well. He had a severe case of mange and would not have survived on his own. Cute little guy that he was, he was rescued, fostered, and two angels funded a cart for him so he could learn how to use his hind legs. His angels adopted him where he plays and romps with two other Baja rescues. Click on the photo to the right and then the first photo in the gallery to see his story in pictures.

Duna - now Dana made it home thanks to many volunteers!

Duna was rescued as a puppy and fostered for 9 months when her foster family heard about the Baja Dogs adoption program. About the same time, a wonderful family in Southern California lost their beloved great dane to old age and was looking for another. This is where luck, timing, and the amazing dedication of volunteers aligned together to help Duna.

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Concha – Her eyes tell you everything about her!

Concha was found injured, presumably from being hit by a car. She was rescued and rehabilitated with immense love and care. When she was ready, she was adopted and lives the life she so richly deserves!


Zoe was born at a local beach, along with 3 of her siblings, when her pregnant mother (Tess) was abandoned there. After giving birth, Tess and her litter were cared for by a local man living at the beach until they could be rescued.

One puppy remains available for adoption, Cooper, as well as Tess, the most adoring mother we could imagine.

Tess has had many litters and we think many of them were abandoned and rescued at this beach. Now that we have Tess and she has been spayed, we hope to have curbed the puppy abandonment rate.

Bartolo's Happy Ending

Bartolo was rescued by one of our local vets in La Paz. He was cared for and lived at the vet's office with other animals and cats. But Bartolo needed a home and one day he found the perfect one! He is so happy now - we love our vet's but a vet's office isn't the same as home!! Congratulations Bartolo!


Chilis – The story continues!

Chilis was found with a curved spine and unable to walk properly. What is amazing about Chilis’ rehabilitation is that it continues. Her adoptive family keeps working with her to strengthen her stance and enable her to run and play as any normal dog would. Thanks to those who rescued Chilis and believed her and to her new family for continuing the work!

Amiga - Now Ronnie

Amiga, now Ronnie, was born in a garden spot when her pregnant, stray, mother found a soft spot and dug a small hole to give birth. She was rescued as a puppy and spent time in foster care in La Paz and in Seattle where she was adopted. She has a great life now and will never know what it is to live as a stray dog on the streets of La Paz. So wonderful!!!!


Rey – Happily Ever After

Rey was found in a garbage bag and in horrible condition. We limit the photos here of his rough beginning because that is completely in the past now. Rey was rehabilitated and cared for so that he became a beautiful, sweet dog. He was adopted into a perfect family and he is now excelling as a well-trained dog with a beautiful life and future. Thanks to everyone who helped in Rey’s remarkable journey from then until now.


Morgan – now Stuey – Adopted!

Morgan was abandoned on a beach near La Paz. He did not have use of his hind legs and so he learned to walk with just his front two and drag his others. But he needed help because his hind legs were getting scrapped up – so K9 Carts donated a cart and Morgan was a new dog. On all fours – he was loving life. Adopted – he became Stuey and he still gives so much joy to those around him.

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