Let me introduce myself . . . Lorenzo

Do you want a happy little love-bug willing to spend hours a day laying in your lap or next to you at your side?

Meet me, Lorenzo, a long coat chihuahua cross! I am just over 8 pounds. That is sooo small but my Foster Mom says I have the heart of a lion! Please don’t misunderstand, all the wanting to lay around and next to you stuff, I am not a lazy dog, I will walk around your house all day, but if you sit down, you can count on me to be right there at your side chilling!

I am housebroken and great on a leash!

It’s hard to believe but even at my just over 8 pounds I am a tad overweight. So let’s be honest, if you bring me on a long walk I am probably going to need to be carried part of the way. I am small, really small, so I am a little shy and afraid of new people and environments but I come around in no time. I hope you understand where this cautiousness stems from. One misstep and I could be squished!

My foster home has cats and I am much smaller then them; but boy do I love chasing them! It is so fun, but I never hurt them. I get along with most dogs but I am afraid of big dogs, I don’t want them to think I am a cat or a chew toy! So I need to kick in the little big dog chihuahua temper sometimes. It’s not easy being 8 pounds! But I am very very loving toward my humans and love to cuddle! Remember, heart of a lion? That’s me!

Not a barker, only when necessary!

When I was about 6 months old, I was wondering the streets looking for my owner when my foster Mom found me. I was run over by a child on a motorcycle so I tend to be afraid of children that are overly active. Honestly I would work best in a household with no children. A household with much older children who are taught how interact properly with a dog could also be fine with me.

I am neutered and was born around June 2014. Ready to pack up my little 8 pounds and go! At 2.5 years old I have a long happy and healthy life ahead of me!

If you can’t adopt me, maybe you can sponsor me while I’m still in foster care. All funding goes towards helping my foster family feed me, get my vaccines and having me spayed or neutered, as well as any transport costs when I am adopted. Thank you for reading my story and please share it with everyone you know who might be interested in making me a part of their family.

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Lorenzo’s Attributes
Birth Date: ~Jun 2014
Gender: Male
Size: 3.76 kgs/8.3 lbs
Current Vaccines:
Leash trained:
Crate trained: No
Car trained:
OK with children: No
OK with other dogs:
OK with cats: No